February 20, 2016

Gaga's Self Indulgent Bowie Tribute

If Bowie could, he'd reach down from Mars and slap Caca across the face for her Las Vegas tribute act to him at the Crappy Grammy Awards.  It took me a little longer than I wanted to get around to writing this post.  Mainly because I was hesitating to watch.  I didn't want my mind to associate Bowie with Caca.  I knew exactly what Gaga's performance was going to be like and I was right.  It was not a tribute.  It was an Elvis Presley-on-steroids-does-Bowie impersonation.

The "tribute" was more about Caca than it was about Bowie.  But then again, this is Caca we're talking about so color me shocked.  Instead of focusing her act on the man of honor, it was more about Caca showcasing herself.  From the hair color, facial expressions, clothes, and complete with a low register, baritone voice, Caca crammed a bunch of Bowie songs into a few minutes which took away from the genius of Bowie and instead focused on her.  The entire performance was ridiculous and smelled of stale cheese.  Caca was more Liza Minnelli than David Bowie.

Instead of playing Halloween dress up, wouldn't it have been better if Caca picked one Bowie song and sang the hell out of it?  Wouldn't it have been better if she sang it as Gaga and not as a Bowie impersonator?  

Gaga desperately wants to be regarded as Bowie-esque.  The truth is that Bowie didn't really want anything to do with her.  Instead of being authentic (yeah that word doesn't really pertain to Caca), Gaga's tribute was more like an overzealous fan with an identity crisis; right down to the Bowie tattoo she added to her body.  I'm sure Bowie loves his new home under Caca's flapjacks.

But, there are no reviews of Gaga's act that will ever match up to one glorious tweet! A tweet that was birthed from worthy fingertips and came forth like a phoenix rising from the ashes, from none other than Duncan Jones, Bowie's son.

What "it" is, is the Oxford dictionary definition of gaga.  Take a bow Duncan.  That was brilliant.

I'm not going to post Gaga's Vegas act here.  Instead, I'm going to show you what a real tribute looks like.  No bells and whistles.  No clown suits or a self indulging mess.  Just pure, raw talent and one quality Caca does not have, integrity.  Here's none other than the late, great David Bowie, paying tribute to another legend, John Lennon.