June 29, 2015

Lady Gaga mistakes Mariachi Festival for Pride Parade

Lady Gaga spent some time yesterday afternoon on the balcony of her apartment in Chicago, overlooking the city and watching the first-ever Chicago Mariachi and Folklórico Festival, thinking it was the Chicago Pride Parade.

Little did Mother Moron know that the Pride Parade route was actually several miles north of there in a different neighborhood, well out of view of her balcony.

June 16, 2015

Lady Gaga vs. Avocado

Lady Gaga performed during the opening ceremony for the first European Games in Azerbaijan on Friday. She played a boring rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" on a piano covered with flowers.

Apparently, she hid out in a hotel for days to keep her presence at the Games a secret. Some sources say she faced criticism from her fans for showing up to this event at all, because of Azerbaijan's human rights record, but I have seen zero backlash or criticism of her performance anywhere. I'd ask if this was an example of media manipulation, but it doesn't seem like anyone's talking about this performance at all, good or bad.

In fact, Lady Gaga posted about it herself on Instagram, and that post got 73,000 less likes than a photo Miley Cyrus took of an avocado.

If that doesn't say something about Lady Gaga's current status as a pop star, I don't know what will. 

May 21, 2015

Another convenient song leak

Lady Gaga is between projects right now, so we've had to suffer through her nauseating attempts at grabbing our attention with news of her upcoming wedding and her oh-so-risqué fashion statements (she's going back to blonde! OMG!!!).


Maybe she's still not getting enough attention from all of that, because now there's a news of a new song leak... And by new song, I mean old song. "Partynauseous", which she recorded with Kendrick Lamar in 2012, has just leaked online - and what great timing!

Taylor Swift just released her highly anticipated video for "Bad Blood" featuring Kendrick Lamar, and in only four days it's already gotten almost 41 million views.

To put this in perspective, Lady Gaga's last single (G.U.Y.) has ~66 million views and it's been out for over a year now.

She's also been dropping hints about a new album:

Could "Partynauseous" have been leaked on purpose to try and gain something from Lamar's recent success? Is Lady Gaga trying to ride Taylor's coattails to get some press? Or was it just a coincidence? A perfectly timed coincidence?

May 6, 2015

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Madonna at the MET Ball

They say the internet exploded when Madonna posted a picture of herself with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga at the MET Ball the other day:

The caption read, "Girls night out.......... Kissing the Ring........Finally"

The picture was then reposted by Katy Perry with the caption, "dropping our single tomorrow" and the hashtag #MONSTERCATREBELHEARTS, and Lady Gaga reposted it as well with the caption, "Breaking Hearts".

Madonna later posted another one of herself with Lady Gaga and Alexander Wang at an after party:

The caption for this one read, "Looking to the Future!! So much fun last night!"

The pictures and captions, along with one of Lady Gaga's previously deleted tweets ("High heels on the dash, breaking hearts and burning cash"), have led to some speculation that the three ladies may be planning to release a single together.

What do you think? Could there be a collaboration in the future? Or did Katy, Madonna, and Gaga just happen to take a couple of pictures together?

April 21, 2015

Lady Gaga "too lame" for Sony

Another day, another Sony email leak.

While shopping for music for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, Rihanna, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, and a duet between Alicia Keys and Pharrell were considered... but guess who wasn't?

That's right... Lady Gaga!

In fact, she was dismissed before she was even suggested!

The emails, which can be found linked here, state that Rihanna was "not interested", but that Ellie Goulding was liked, that Lorde was "cool", and the Alicia Keys/Pharrell duet would be "cool" too, but just "not right for Spidey".

So what did they say about Gaga? That she was "too lame"!

More specifically, the email said:
 "I think gaga might be too lame after die antwoord made fun of [her] in [their] video."
She's talking about the song/video "Fatty Boom Boom" where Die Antwoord mocks Gaga by having a lookalike of her get mutilated by a lion (among other things). If you haven't seen the video, here it is again:

Remember that drama? Where Gaga defended herself by saying, "At least I'm popular?"

Because that's something that someone that was a victim of "childhood torture" and "bullying" would say, right? That's something that someone that started a foundation to stop bullying would say, right?

Anyway, that happened in October 2012 - smack dab in the middle of her Born This Way Ball concert tour. You know, the one that got cancelled halfway through because of a "labral tear" in her hip that ended up being a secret broken hip that somehow no one on the staff knew about?

Maybe the people at Sony haven't been into her since then. And who could blame them?

There are some rumors flying around that Gaga will be voicing Betty Boop in an upcoming film (as well as providing music for it) but those rumors are said to be untrue. There may be a Betty Boop film in the future, but Gaga is not involved and Sony will not be either.

Oh well! Guess we'll just have to settle for seeing Gaga on American Horror Story!

Or... y'know. Not.