October 30, 2014

Why did the "bubble burst"?

According to the Daily Mail, "Lady Gaga has become an oldies act at the age of 28."


They gave the artRAVE 2/5 stars, saying "in concert, you get the best and worst of her, all wrapped up in one perplexing package."

Apparently, she came on a "tiresome 35 minutes late" and let the show run an extra 13 minutes long.

"I'll have to pay a fine, but that's okay. I don't give a shit about money," she said.

And this is where we get our flashback of her buying a $24million mansion and writing brilliant lines like "I am rich as piss" for the album she's touring. Because someone who doesn't care about how much money they have wouldn't possibly brag about it. Or live extravagantly. Right?

Anyway, they go on to say of the concert that "...while the eyes are enjoying [a] feast, the ears are being offered fast food."


And, "The tracks from the last two albums are largely junk, with the role of the bright orange slice of plastic cheese going to a series of ghastly guitar solos."

Maybe the worst part of the whole thing is her lack of self-awareness. "Gaga herself seems to have no idea how bad these songs are," they say. "She throws away most of the old hits early on, leaving Bad Romance as the only ace in her hand for the finale."

Their last complaint of the show was that she gave "the longest speech heard at a gig since Kanye West’s infamous lecture at The Big Chill in 2011, and only marginally less maddening."

So, besides the visuals, did they actually like anything about the show? Yes - they go on to compliment her rendition of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" at the end, saying that only in jazz does it appear that she really does care about the music.

(Hey, didn't we used to hear that very same rhetoric when she first came out singing pop?)


Anyway, they state that while that while she's sold an estimated 150 million records worldwide, her album sales in Britain look like this:
    >The Fame/The Fame Monster (~3 million) >Born This Way (~1 million) >ARTPOP (~200,000)
And, in a similar fashion, her worldwide album sales look like this:
    >The Fame/The Fame Monster (~15 million) >Born This Way (~6 million) >ARTPOP (~2.5million)

The plummeting album sales are not unique to Britain.

Why did the bubble burst?

"In her first year, Gaga pumped out proper hits, starting with Just Dance and culminating in Bad Romance, but then she and her sidekicks suddenly lost the knack," they say. "The title of Artpop says it all: she considers herself an artist, while the public sees her as a pop star."

Basically, she's not embracing what her audience sees her as, and instead demanding to be something else - whether they accept it or not (and they're not).

Read the review + article for yourself HERE: "Less Lady Gaga than Lady Bla-Bla: The bubble has burst for a very simple reason"

To sum it up: her music since The Fame/Fame Monster is terrible, and the "I'm an artist" mantra that she's trying to beat into our heads is just not working.

Do you agree?

What do YOU think is the biggest reason for her downfall?

October 25, 2014

Is Lady Gaga a self-proclaimed "sucker"?

Maybe we shouldn't take anything Lady Gaga says seriously, especially when it comes to basic geography. 

Oh, great - the "chair" thing is back...
                                                                                                                                                         Photo: Getty Images
"Hello, Manchester!" she cried at the artRAVE in London, despite going on and on about how much she loves London, and how excited she was to finally be back there, and the fact that she has THREE shows there.

Oh, and remember this?
Try looking a little more miserable next time, Gaga.
When Gaga dressed up as a panda (native to China) for a Japanese TV show? The Daily Mail, amongst others, assumed she forgot where she was when she dressed this way... but she did claim that Japan was one of her favourite places (like London) so who knows! My opinion? She just doesn't really give a shit!

In recent news, Lady Gaga has just spent $24 million on a mansion located in sunny Malibu, California - even though she recently stated: "Hollywood is for suckers. East Coast is where it's at."

Oh wow! So, is she just another Hollywood "sucker"? Or is Malibu far enough away (one hour) that in her mind, she's not part of that group? Like when she cursed out her audience at NY Fashion Week for talking during her set? "Goddamn rich people" she says, as though she's not one of them.

Am I the only one that is sick of Lady "I'm-not-like-that" Hypocrite's fucking attitude? That she's somehow different/better than her peers, even though she does the same things they do?


Anyway, if you're curious what 6 years of being a corporate sell-out can get you, NY Daily News has you covered. The best part of the article? This line: "Gaga shelled out a whopping $23 million for the gated Mediterranean-style villa in September and, with five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, there's plenty of room for all of her “little monsters” to come stay." 

LOL! Hell will freeze over before Gaga invites one of those little psychos over to her house.

October 19, 2014

Lady Gaga's ticket prices fall to just £12 a seat in the UK...

...at least, according to the Mirror.

Apparently, the demand there for Gaga is so low that her tickets are reduced to the price of a couple of fast-food meals; and not only that - but people would much rather see Lindsay Lohan's first big break into stage shows than the artRAVE, as Lohan's shows are currently outselling Gaga's by 53% on viagogo (an online ticket marketplace for secondary buyers and sellers).

According to the Mirror, a spokesperson for viagogo stated:
"While reformed party girl Lindsay Lohan seems to be going from strength to strength following unexpectedly positive reviews, it looks like Lady Gaga may be falling from her ‘edge of glory’, with ticketholders trying to offload tickets for her concerts at well below face value."
They also state that there is an increase of 32% in Lady Gaga's tickets being listed on the website, the lowest seen so far at an embarassing £12.72.

Check out the story HERE!


October 13, 2014

VH1 Music showcases Gaga's most unoriginal ideas

Choo-choo! The newest rider on the "Lady Gaga's a copycat" train is none other than VH1 Music.

Writer Diane Cho has compiled a list of Gaga's most unoriginal ideas and put them all in one place in this article, titled "Every Time Lady Gaga Thought She Was Being Original But Wasn't".

Cho has nine slides of photos and videos of Lady Gaga's biggest rip-offs inspirations, including the infamous meat dress from the 2010 VMAs, the Annie Lennox Jo Calderone character, Colette (you may remember her as the street artist that protested outside Barney's alleging that Gaga copied her work for "Gaga's Workshop" back in 2011), Marilyn Manson, and naturally, Madonna.

Of course, none of this is new information for people that follow this blog and/or can use the internet to google pop culture pre-2008, but nonetheless it's good to see some more sources out there that aren't afraid to speak up and say that maybe Gaga "...should have given credit where credit is due."

If you can stomach the nine slides of "burglary" (their quote, not mine!), you can find the article HERE.

October 9, 2014

Where there's smoke, there's fire...

...and it smells like a burning bridge.

Cheek to Cheek was all we ever heard about from Lady Gaga until its release. Now that it has made it to number one in the U.S., has the hype passed? Or is she still trying to heavily (and some may say desperately) promote it?

You tell me! If you look at her Twitter, all you see are ads for the album! Every other tweet is about how she wants you to buy the album...

 or about how well its doing...
or about how "great" it is, or about how "meaningful" it is... and remix, after remix, after remix!

How many remixes do you need for an album that's only been out a couple weeks?! Anything to get those numbers, I guess... right, Gaga?

Yeah, the album is doing pretty well... but if you actually do look at the numbers, you'll see that Cheek to Cheek has taken a bit of a dive in the charts, going from number one to number four in one week with a drop of 58%.

In comparison, you can see that Streisand's album Partners - which has been out a week longer - has overtaken Cheek to Cheek and sold almost 20,000 more copies this past week. So what could that mean for Cheek to Cheek? Does it have staying power? Or has Gaga bitten off more than she can chew by trying to become a serious jazz artist?

As I alluded to in the title, Gaga may just be in trouble if this jazz stuff she's trying to do doesn't work out. She's suggested to HER OWN FANS that pop music is not real music...

...all while in the middle of her artRAVE tour!

And while reports of "sold out shows" are still coming in, other sources seem to be saying differently. The Oslo show, for example, was considered sold out and the numbers we were given (8,948/8,948 = 100%) may not be accurate.

For example, this source states that the show sold only 7000 tickets, and this one says 5,500 tickets, for the Telenor arena which has a capacity of 23,000! This source shows surprise that she has such low demand, since the last time she was in Norway for the Born This Way Ball, she sold out an arena with 16,000 tickets (just paste the article into Google translate to read it in your language). 

With evidence that her "pop" star is fading, do you think Gaga's behaviour and comments like the one above are going to end up hurting her in the end? Is Gaga burning her bridges by insulting the pop genre and - by extent - its fans? Or do you think she has a future in jazz?