March 20, 2015

Jessica Lange Throws Brutal, Scathing Shade at Lady Gaga

By Miss Stef

American Horror Story's super star, actress Jessica Lange used that super smart noggin' of hers when she decided to hit the high road and announce her departure from the hit T.V. series.   Incidentally, that came at pretty much the exact time Horror Story executives announced that Lady Gaga would be joining the show's 'Hotel' season.  Obviously they haven't seen the Marry The Night video because if they did, I'm sure they would rethink their shitty casting choices.

Jessica Lange appeared on stage at the Paley Center for Media's annual PaleyFest with the rest of the cast when she was asked if Caca convinced her to stay for another season, she gave the most c*nty yet brilliantly classy response. Gaga better stock up on some bandages because the daggers thrown here are enough to cut her in half.


If there was ever a more special moment to feel massively embarrassed for Gaga getting her pie-in-the-face moment, this is it.  Other cast members are heard off camera put the cherry on top when they yelled "fire! fire!fire!" and no doubt they feel the same way. 

Instead of sticking around for another season of pay checks, Queen Dame Jessica Lange chose her artistic integrity and decided that her career is too dignified to share a stage with the Queen of Caca.  

This is a perfect time to remind you of Akon's interview on Sway's Universe when he discussed "cashing out" before the ship sunk like ten Titanics.  Skip to 3:45.


With Lady Titanic bringing her sorry excuse for acting skills to the television screen and story executives for making a colossal bad casting move, American Horror Story has only one way to go.......down.

March 16, 2015

Stephen Sondheim calls Lady Gaga's Oscars performance a "travesty"

Many people were looking at Lady Gaga's Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars this year as a positive change for her. Some even speculated that she could be taking her career in a new direction.

My guess is that after six or so years, people are tired of seeing her prance around in Halloween costumes, growling and crawling around on stage to try and be "artistic", and just want to hear her sing.

What, you don't like my style?

Not everyone loved her performance though, and legendary Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim is one such person. He said of her performance:
"On the Academy Awards she was a travesty."
"It was ridiculous, as it would be from any singer who treats that music in semi-operatic style. She had no relationship to what she was singing. What people liked was her versatility."

 Ouch! And here I thought she was supposed to be a jazz musical theater expert?

What did you think of her performance? Do you think people only enjoyed it because it was unexpected coming from her? Or do you think she did a good job?

March 7, 2015

Women love Beyoncé, and men love Katy Perry

At least according to Spotify!

Spotify has released a list of the most streamed female artists worldwide and divided the list by gender. It turns out that among women, Beyoncé is the most streamed, and among men, it's Katy Perry!

The lady that takes the cake, cake, cake, cake though is Rihanna, who was named the most streamed woman of all time worldwide for the third year in a row.

Here's a source for the info and here are the lists:

All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists, Worldwide
01. Rihanna
02. Katy Perry
03. Beyoncé
04. Lana Del Rey
05. Lady Gaga
06. Ariana Grande
07. Nicki Minaj
08. Ellie Goulding
09. Taylor Swift*
10. Lorde

All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists By Women, Worldwide 
01. Beyoncé
02. Katy Perry
03. Lana Del Rey
04. Rihanna
05. Ariana Grande
06. Lorde
07. Miley Cyrus
08. Taylor Swift*
09. Ellie Goulding
(No, this is not a mistake, there is no #10 on any source I could find)

All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists by Men, Worldwide 
01. Katy Perry
02. Lana Del Rey
03. Lorde
04. Ariana Grande
05. Rihanna
06. Beyoncé
07. Ellie Goulding
08. Miley Cyrus
09. Lady Gaga
10. Iggy Azalea

What I found particularly interesting was that Lady Gaga was not even in the top ten of the All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists in the U.S. She doesn't even appear in the top ten for women listeners, and among men, she's last on the list. Here are the lists with U.S. data:

All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists, U.S.
01. Lana Del Rey
02. Beyoncé
03. Katy Perry
04. Lorde
05. Ariana Grande
06. Rihanna
07. Nicki Minaj
08. Taylor Swift*
09. Miley Cyrus
10. Ellie Goulding

All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists by Women, U.S.
01. Beyoncé
02. Lana Del Rey
03. Katy Perry
04. Ariana Grande
05. Lorde
06. Rihanna
07. Taylor Swift*
08. Miley Cyrus
09. Nicki Minaj
10. Iggy Azalea

All-Time Most Streamed Female Artists by Men, U.S.
01. Lorde
02. Lana Del Rey
03. Katy Perry
04. Beyoncé
05. Rihanna
06. Nicki Minaj
07. Ellie Goulding
08. Iggy Azalea
09. Taylor Swift*
10. Lady Gaga

*Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify last year 

So, what do YOU think of these lists? 

February 26, 2015

Why is Lady Gaga still so desperate for praise?

Lady Gaga's newest supporter is none other than talk-show radio host and political commentator Glenn Beck.

Beck spewed out FOUR minutes of verbal vomit about Gaga on his radio show, calling her a "master craftswoman", a "genius", that she's "the way artists should be", and blah, blah, blah... and of course, Gaga got wind of it and retweeted his "review" along with a link to his site:

Can we just step back for a minute and see why this is such a big deal?

Glenn Beck, for those who don't know, is a self-described "conservative with libertarian leanings", and although he says he supports same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, he also thinks that anti-discrimination laws are a bad thing.

According to this source, when asked about a hypothetical shop owner refusing to serve someone in the LGBT community, he argues that "it's their right" to, and that aside from emergency services, anyone should be able to refuse to serve someone else based on their sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or race.
"Anybody who says you want to talk about rights, you must stand for the person on both sides. This is, ‘I have a right to get a cake from a bakery, not this specific bakery, but a bakery. Bakeries have a right to make cakes for homosexual couples getting married, period, and this particular bakery has a right to say, ‘I’m not gonna make it.’ That’s how rights work."
Oh wow! So in Beck's world, unless you're bleeding to death, the whole world can tell you to GTFO  just because they don't like the fact that you're gay or of a different religion than they are.

Is Lady Gaga really so desperate for praise that she'll retweet and promote anyone who kisses her ass? 

She's an activist for gay rights, and claims to be bisexual herself, yet she's fine with linking/promoting someone who thinks it's okay to slam the door right in a person's face just because they're gay.

But it's all about the clicks, right Gaga?

Bet she'd change her tune pretty quickly if she found out people were being turned away from buying her flop albums or smelly perfumes.

February 17, 2015

Lady Gaga lives for the Applause...

...Even when that Applause belongs to someone else.


Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed the title track to their duet album Cheek to Cheek together at the Grammys last weekend after winning the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album.

The performance itself was definitely not the highlight of the night okay, but the reactions afterward were probably not what they'd hoped for - at least that's what the official VEVO video seems to say.

The official video of the performance on Lady Gaga's VEVO channel was edited to change the reaction shot of the ending of it from THIS:




So where did the excited reactions in the second gif come from?

Madonna's Living For Love performance!

Well, if the audience looking at the wrong stage was any indication, then the happy looks on their faces should have given it away. No one looks that jazzed over a mediocre jazz performance. And not only that, but do you notice how the people in the second gif are looking up? That's because at the end of Madonna's performance, she was hoisted up into the air. They're watching her be 'lifted up' (like the lyrics in the song say, 'love's gonna lift me up'). Why else would they be looking that way?

And why would the lights be blue in that shot, when the rest of the performance was dark (besides their spotlight)? At the end of the performance, the house lights went up. At no point during their performance did they have blue lights like the ones in the second reaction shot. Check out these two screenshots - including timestamps - of the lights before and after the performance:

You can even see the ridiculousness for yourself.

Lady Gaga's official VEVO performance video can be seen HERE (Fast forward to 3:00)
and Madonna's performance video can be seen HERE (Fast forward to 5:30)

Really gives new meaning to the phrase "stole the show", doesn't it?