April 13, 2013

The ARTPOP Delay Saga

The first line of this article is interesting.  Gaga may not "resume" her tour until September.  Resume?  I doubt she's planning on resurrecting this dead horse but if there's some truth to this, does she really want to go down that road?  How long can someone drag out the promotion and touring of an album that came out two years ago?  Give it a rest already.  Honey, that ship has long sailed.

What also makes the whole hip ailment issue suspicious is that Stefani has stayed silent on ARTPOP and it's release date.  Now sources are claiming her hip injury sidelined her career temporarily.  I didn't know you need a good hip to stand up in front of a microphone in a studio.   If she can go to a yoga class wearing high heels, surely she can finish recording her album.

If anyone had any doubt before, I think it's pretty obvious that ARTPOP is on a serious delay and has met a few road blocks along the way, likely from her record company.  She's written over 50 songs and my guess is that most aren't meeting the expectations of the suits that she's under contract with.  Stefani wanted full creative control, and I use that term loosely, and the material she's come up with has been sub-par.  The record execs might be worried and concocted the hip injury to buy time.

The once bright star is fading and Stefani knows it.  Which is why she has to pull publicty stunts like this one to keep her name in the news.

After spending a ridiculous amount of money on a gold plated and a Louis Vuitton wheelchair that she didn't need in order to look stylish while disabled, she should be paying for scores of disabled people to have surgery; and feed Africa while she's at it.  Repent ye vulgar one of shallow, materialistic dependency.

Thanks Shawn for the story.