April 3, 2013

Lady Gaga's can walk in high heels and do yoga with her terrible hip ailment

Lady Gaga lifted her ass off her wheelchair today to go to her Bikram Yoga class.....in high heels and fur.  Gaga struck her best "please don't take my picture" pose while being wheeled in by her hood rat.

Lately, Gaga has requested her fans not to take pictures of her and has virtually disappeared from Twitter.  She claims she staying out of the media.  Yet she goes to Yoga wearing heels, fur and her Louis Vuitton wheelchair.  No my friends.  She loves this.  She can't get enough of the the attention no matter how hard she plays the "leave me alone" card.  If she didn't want attention, you wear a disguise and enter through the back.  Celebrities make arrangements with establishments all the time to help maintain their privacy.  Gaga is full of shit.  Gaga also knows how many people are pissed about her obscene and disgusting use of fur so what does the suddenly camera shy singer do?  She wears it.  Why?  To. Get. Attention.

Just as she is full of shit about her hip ailment.  Gaga claims to have hid her condition for a month.  It's been confirmed by doctors that a hip labral tear is so painful that it's impossible to hide it let alone, eh hum, "dance" on stage for 2 hours.  The ever-attention-seeking star who constantly tweets pictures of herself in various situations not once tweeted a "give me sympathy" picture while lying in her hospital bed.    She's milking the pretend injury for all it's worth.  People have hip replacements and are doing rehab the next day, on their feet.  No one goes from wheelchair to high heels. She is using her so called disability for publicity and that is a sick, shameful and insulting thing to do to people who actually need wheelchairs.  Lady Gaga does not need a wheelchair. 

She's in so much pain that so soon after her operation she can wear high heels and go to yoga.  According to Paws Down, Gaga was seen entering her birthday festivities at a strip joint with her blind as fuck boyfriend Taylor Kinney, in her gold wheelchair.  She later exited the club in massive high heel shoes.  Boy do I want a picture of that.

The class must have been so trying because she couldn't walk back out in her heels and fur.  She promptly, and on cue, according to her script, sat back down in her designer wheelchair and left yoga.  While other media news outlets shout with glee "Gaga can walk again!", we all know how suspicious the whole thing is and wonder if the only "tear" was in the many life scripts Gaga writes to garner attention and fill that massive void in her soul.  When one script isn't good enough, tear that up and write a new one.

Thank you Amen-Madonna for tweeting the pictures to me.

Gaga's future fur coats

Lady Gaga would do it herself.  With her own bare hands.