December 11, 2015

Lady Gaga nominated for a Golden Globe

Lady Gaga has just been nominated for a Golden Globe award for her work as “The Countess” in American Horror Story: Hotel, even though…

Reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes seem to think Horror Story is the worst season of AHS yet:

Ratings for the show have been dropping consistently every single week since the premiere (except one week, which was stagnant):

Week 1 - 5.807 million viewers
Week 2 - 4.061 million viewers
Week 3 - 3.202 million viewers
Week 4 - 3.045 million viewers
Week 5 - 2.867 million viewers
Week 6 - 2.637 million viewers
Week 7 - 2.637 million viewers
Week 8 - 2.310 million viewers
Week 9 - 2.142 million viewers

And reviews of her performance in the show haven’t even been that favourable.

Most sources, if they even say anything about her at all, only seem to talk about her presence in the show, not her actual skill as an actor. Who cares if she’s “gloriously photographed”? Who cares if she “fits in”? Who cares if she has “star power”? What we should be seeing is her talent (or lack thereof). Isn’t that the whole point? If we wanted to see Lady Gaga play Lady Gaga, we’d watch one of her nauseating interviews or go to one of her boring concerts!

Entertainment Weekly seems to be hinting that the only reason she was nominated for the award at all was because her star power was needed for an award-show ratings boost:
"Lady Gaga was nominated because the HFPA wants her at the awards show for her American Horror Story: Hotel performance."
Variety is calling her nomination a surprise too, and doesn’t even hint at the real reason they think she’s been nominated. They just come right out and say it:
“No offense to Gaga’s glam turn as a vampy seductress on the most gonzo installment to date of FX’s anthology series “American Horror Story,” but awards buzz for her work hasn’t exactly been deafening. It’s classic Golden Globes to nominate her—since her attendance at the show will made headlines and bring in viewers.”
The NY Post is straight-up calling her nomination a rival for one of the awards’ all-time WTF moments, calling her performance on the show “stilted” and also stating:
“…it’s clear that the HFPA nominated her because they want her star power at the show.”
“If Lady Gaga wins, it will be a joke.”

 Well, get ready to laugh, people. Because regardless of all the stuff I just showed you above...


I’m still predicting a win.

 The awards air on January 10th, 2016.