April 10, 2015

When Monsters Attack

The claws are out and Natalia Kills is the target.

The singer has received some controversy lately for an explosive rant directed towards Joe Irvine, an X Factor New Zealand contestant, accusing him of having “no value or respect for originality”, saying that he’s a “laughingstock”, and so on, because in her mind, he was ripping off her husband, Willy Moon.

The rant is here, if you can stomach that nonsense again:

The couple has been fired from the show, they’ve both publicly apologized, and they both seem to sincerely want to move on from the incident. I’m sure their careers do too. However, it looks like the general public is not ready to let that happen so soon.

Kills has revealed that she (along with her husband) have been victims of some pretty brutal bullying on Twitter. She’s re-posted a few of the tweets on her own Twitter account, but it seems the hate was too extreme for Instagram, which did not allow such photos/comments/whatever to be re-posted on their site. By reading some of the comments on her Twitter, it's not hard to see why.

Kills has re-posted a particularly nasty tweet sent to her and her husband by a devoted Little Monster:

                                                       Sexism and homophobia in 140 characters or less.

It's nice to see how Lady Gaga's message of love and tolerance is being spread throughout the world, especially in her Little Monster kingdom. And his use of the word "flop" is pretty laughable too, considering who he's got on his profile picture.

Anyway, I doubt Lady Gaga herself will actually get dragged into this, but it's interesting to see how much of an impact her anti-bullying messages are having on her own fans, even after all these years.

Lady Gaga has excused her fans' vicious behaviour before - like when they are coming to her aid - but what about in situations like these? She's not involved. She's not being attacked. They're not defending her. They're just being downright nasty. And for what? There's no reason to send a message like this to someone, unless your goal is to hurt them.

I'm not saying Kills and her husband are innocent here, far from it. But are these disgusting tweets really called for?

Does Lady Gaga have a responsibility to say something when something like this comes up?

What do you all think?