January 5, 2014

Gaga Meltdown on Little Monsters Website

Gaga had a public tête-à-tête with fans on her Little Monsters website after a fan posted her concern about Gaga's mental and emotional state, to which Stefani responded.

Stefani also tackled the rumor about Interscope losing $25 million.

The rumor started when Examiner writer Angela Cheng posted a story about it, which was picked up by mainstream media and it blew up all over the Internet.  The story has since been deleted by Cheng.  The financial loss is likely a lie or a gross exaggeration but we can't deny that ARTPOP failed to live up to it's hype.  

What's obvious here is that Gaga is not in a good place mentally or she's playing it up to get the pity vote.  Here's the thing, Gaga wanted fame and she got it.  What she didn't count on were critics. Maybe it's because she doesn't think she deserves any criticism.  Whatever it is, she clearly can't handle it.  By her saying that "actors and singers need critics to grow" is a lie, she is basically stating that no one should ever criticize anything a person in the public eye does.  That is wrong. Especially when you work with known pedophiles and sexual predators, you better damn well know you're getting judged.  There is no free pass because you want to label yourself an artist.  

Any clue on who those people are that were not there when she woke up from surgery? Troy Carter maybe? Other industry people? My guess is that Troy Carter, being a manager, became exasperated trying to work with his client. He was going in one direction and she was going in another.  Stefani likely became very difficult to work with; determined to pursue the performance art path.  Carter knew it wouldn't work and he was right.  So he walked or was fired.  

Get real Stefani.  This isn't Candy Land where everything is kittens and flowers.  This is the music business and I do not believe for one second that she didn't use those people as they used her. Gaga knew what she wanted career wise, she went after it and she got it.  To try to pass herself off as the innocent victim that didn't have a poker hand in all of this is an insult to her fan's intelligence. By the way, record companies are not your friend. They are the worst of them all.  They are there to make money from the next big star.  That's it. End of story.

Another massive mistake Stefani made was to create this faux relationship with her fans.  Honestly, it's scary.  If you want to spread a positive message, fine, more power to you.  But to create this false sense of romanticism and illusion of friendship is very manipulative, very cult-like and very creepy.  

Gaga is placing all her strength and determination in an outside force (her fans) instead of finding it within.  Or is she?  Could this be a tactic to wield a fictitious and misleading relationship with what are essentially strangers; for the sole goal of profit?

Is that last screen cap a stomach virus disguised as a forum comment because I'm about to puke all over myself. Taylor Kinney probably doesn't give a shit about her fans and that's not me being mean. That's me being realistic. Who the hell looks into another person's eyes and says "I can feel that you love my fans"? How corny.  

I know several of you are wondering about my Twitter exchange with Angela Cheng.  First, let me say that what Angela says is not my opinion.  I am not spreading lies or misinformation.  I'm simply blogging about what someone else told me.  I have no way of knowing if Angela is telling me the truth or not.  All of this is alleged. 

Angela says she is not changing her stance on Gaga but will continue to criticize her in a way that isn't damaging. Angela did tell me in a private Twitter message that she did speak to Gaga herself and that Gaga was in an awful place, her speech isn't coherent. Cheng believes Gaga is suicidal. Cheng claims that Gaga no longer feels she can trust anyone, including her own mother.  She also claims to have spoken to Troy Carter and he is very concerned about her safety.  Everyone in Gaga's inner circle is turning on her, which Angela replied that she brought this on herself.  Gaga's response was that she was forced to do things by her management that led to her career decline.  I personally doubt that.  It's not in a management company's best interest to ruin their client's career. Troy made her who she is today.  I'm leaning more toward the fact that Gaga is ruining her career all by herself.

I asked Angela why Gaga would talk to her?  Why should she trust her of all people?  Angela's response was that Gaga doesn't trust anyone and only wanted Angela to hear her side. Which brings me to my next question; why would Gaga care about telling Angela her side?

I did question Angela as to why she was using a stock photo picture of a young Chinese girl to identify herself on The Examiner.  She did not reply to that.

Angela says there's a lot more and she will email me in more detail later.  That email has yet to come.


And more....Gaga's excuse about the extreme delay for the pedo song video, Do What U Want.

No, the DWUW video isn't here because she made the huge mistake by inviting an alleged pedophile to sing along with her.  I suppose her former management made her do it. Blaming everyone else again for why ARTPOP failed is such a cop out.  Stefani has always been very vocal about how she's in charge of her career; that she calls the shots, writes her own music and is not manufactured.  So when things take a downturn, suddenly she's not in charge anymore? I mean, she's blaming that shitty Applause video on time! All her previous videos managed to get done so is she seriously trying to pass the buck on to everyone but herself?  Now she's going to pretend the release date didn't happen and that the next few months will give ARTPOP a jump start.  I don't think there are jumper cables big enough in the universe to make that happen!

"Let me be for you the Goddess that I know I truly am. Let me show you the visions that have been in my mind for two years. I love you. Forgive me monsters. Forgive me ARTPOP. You are my whole world".  Is she high?  She must be flying so high right now because there's no other possible rational explanation for those last few sentences.  None.


Furthermore, she is lying about the Applause video and I have proof.  Her Tweets!

What was that Gaga about you only having a week to plan and execute the Applause video? Yeah, I thought so.

Love it!