May 30, 2012

You're a Freak

By Miss Stef

She's labeled you a freak.  She's labeled you an outcast.  She's labeled you a weirdo.  She's labeled you as someone who is on the fringes of society.  A social misfit.  She's labeled you all these things in the name of album sales and gimmicks disguised as camaraderie. 

All this coming from a woman once called Stefani who now goes by Lady Gaga.  From this point on, in my blog, I will no longer refer to Stefani as Lady Gaga.  Her name is Stefani and Gaga doesn't exist.  Gaga is a manufactured persona designed to prey on your vulnerabilities to make you feel connected to her, her music; to make you feel you are a close part of her world by manipulating you to feel like you know her personally and above all things, to make sure you are connected to her bank account. 

What Stefani is doing is the very same thing cults do to gain new members.  Cults try to find your weakest points and use that to make you feel like there's no other person on this planet that understands you better than they do.  Now you feel like you belong to something.  This is also the Little Monster cult.  

Stefani says you are weird and a misfit.  She preaches this to you with her music and with her spoken words in her "youth churches".  Stefani says for you to accept yourself and love yourself because you were born this way, short comings, quirks, less than attractive features and all.  All this coming from someone who was not born this way.  Stefani Germanotta was as normal as they come.   

Her song and dance about accepting yourself is really very lovely when you listen with one ear but when you listen with two, it's a different message.  If anything, her message will end up being more detrimental to one's self esteem in the long run.  After all the ra ra feel better about yourself cheer, little monsters will still feel like freaks and weirdos when they are probably are none of those things. Stefani has labeled you as such and because she says it's so, you believe it.  Stefani is perpetuating it. 

Stefani is not telling you anything different than what your parents told you before. Only your parents didn't put on a shiny PVC costume, glue turquoise hair to their crotch, cover their face with a gimp mask, put a Kermit the Frog face on their head, steak on their feet and call you a freak.  It's a sad day that your self acceptance is measured by the words that come out of an irrelevant pop star that heavily borrows and copies concepts already done and mastered, passing it off as her own. She has manufactured herself into something she is not while at the same time tells you to accept yourself when she couldn't even honor herself with the same favor.