May 21, 2015

Another convenient song leak

Lady Gaga is between projects right now, so we've had to suffer through her nauseating attempts at grabbing our attention with news of her upcoming wedding and her oh-so-risqué fashion statements (she's going back to blonde! OMG!!!).


Maybe she's still not getting enough attention from all of that, because now there's a news of a new song leak... And by new song, I mean old song. "Partynauseous", which she recorded with Kendrick Lamar in 2012, has just leaked online - and what great timing!

Taylor Swift just released her highly anticipated video for "Bad Blood" featuring Kendrick Lamar, and in only four days it's already gotten almost 41 million views.

To put this in perspective, Lady Gaga's last single (G.U.Y.) has ~66 million views and it's been out for over a year now.

She's also been dropping hints about a new album:

Could "Partynauseous" have been leaked on purpose to try and gain something from Lamar's recent success? Is Lady Gaga trying to ride Taylor's coattails to get some press? Or was it just a coincidence? A perfectly timed coincidence?