February 26, 2015

Why is Lady Gaga still so desperate for praise?

Lady Gaga's newest supporter is none other than talk-show radio host and political commentator Glenn Beck.

Beck spewed out FOUR minutes of verbal vomit about Gaga on his radio show, calling her a "master craftswoman", a "genius", that she's "the way artists should be", and blah, blah, blah... and of course, Gaga got wind of it and retweeted his "review" along with a link to his site:

Can we just step back for a minute and see why this is such a big deal?

Glenn Beck, for those who don't know, is a self-described "conservative with libertarian leanings", and although he says he supports same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, he also thinks that anti-discrimination laws are a bad thing.

According to this source, when asked about a hypothetical shop owner refusing to serve someone in the LGBT community, he argues that "it's their right" to, and that aside from emergency services, anyone should be able to refuse to serve someone else based on their sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or race.
"Anybody who says you want to talk about rights, you must stand for the person on both sides. This is, ‘I have a right to get a cake from a bakery, not this specific bakery, but a bakery. Bakeries have a right to make cakes for homosexual couples getting married, period, and this particular bakery has a right to say, ‘I’m not gonna make it.’ That’s how rights work."
Oh wow! So in Beck's world, unless you're bleeding to death, the whole world can tell you to GTFO  just because they don't like the fact that you're gay or of a different religion than they are.

Is Lady Gaga really so desperate for praise that she'll retweet and promote anyone who kisses her ass? 

She's an activist for gay rights, and claims to be bisexual herself, yet she's fine with linking/promoting someone who thinks it's okay to slam the door right in a person's face just because they're gay.

But it's all about the clicks, right Gaga?

Bet she'd change her tune pretty quickly if she found out people were being turned away from buying her flop albums or smelly perfumes.