February 8, 2015

Let the bragging commence!

This just in: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have won a Grammy for Cheek to Cheek.

Oh boy! So despite selling only 1/3 of the number of albums that Streisand did, and despite the fact that Cheek to Cheek couldn't even last 5 months on the charts, they managed to win the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

And lucky Lady Gaga is taking the news oh so humbly, as is her nature.

Post-Grammy update:

Billboard ranked the 23 Grammy performances from "Worst to Best" here.

They ranked Sia all the way up to #3, saying this of the performance:
"Their set was astounding, and Wiig's dancing was surprisingly on point. You gotta give it up for Sia -- she comes up with a unique twist on the "Chandelier" live performance every time. Sorry, Gaga, this is the real Pop Art"
Billboard ranked Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's performance all the way down at #15, but literally have nothing to say about it: 
"The Irving Berlin-penned "Cheek to Cheek" is the title track to their duets album, which won the Grammy for best traditional pop vocal album this year. It's been a while since a straight-up jazz performance hit the Grammys, and it was a welcome change of pace."
Translation: YAWN.


So, what did YOU think of the results? Were you surprised that Tony/Gaga won?

And how about that performance?