February 17, 2015

Lady Gaga lives for the Applause...

...Even when that Applause belongs to someone else.


Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed the title track to their duet album Cheek to Cheek together at the Grammys last weekend after winning the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album.

The performance itself was definitely not the highlight of the night okay, but the reactions afterward were probably not what they'd hoped for - at least that's what the official VEVO video seems to say.

The official video of the performance on Lady Gaga's VEVO channel was edited to change the reaction shot of the ending of it from THIS:




So where did the excited reactions in the second gif come from?

Madonna's Living For Love performance!

Well, if the audience looking at the wrong stage was any indication, then the happy looks on their faces should have given it away. No one looks that jazzed over a mediocre jazz performance. And not only that, but do you notice how the people in the second gif are looking up? That's because at the end of Madonna's performance, she was hoisted up into the air. They're watching her be 'lifted up' (like the lyrics in the song say, 'love's gonna lift me up'). Why else would they be looking that way?

And why would the lights be blue in that shot, when the rest of the performance was dark (besides their spotlight)? At the end of the performance, the house lights went up. At no point during their performance did they have blue lights like the ones in the second reaction shot. Check out these two screenshots - including timestamps - of the lights before and after the performance:

You can even see the ridiculousness for yourself.

Lady Gaga's official VEVO performance video can be seen HERE (Fast forward to 3:00)
and Madonna's performance video can be seen HERE (Fast forward to 5:30)

Really gives new meaning to the phrase "stole the show", doesn't it?