April 21, 2013

True Avant Garde and Controversial Artist Peaches on Lady Gaga

Peaches has never been one to hold back.  If you sat her down and asked her a question, she will give you a no bullshit answer.  If you want to stand before an artist with true authenticity, Peaches is your woman.  She doesn't care about fame or following a generic formula in order to achieve fame.  She does what she does and creates what she creates because she is real.  While Lady Gaga claims some of her music is "experimental", likely trying to explain the lack of hits off of Born This Way, it's painfully obvious that Lady Gaga has no idea what "experimental" exactly is.  Peaches however has mastered it.

Peaches recently sat down with The Guardian UK and was asked about Lady Gaga.  With a quick swipe of the blow off brush, this is what the "Burst" artist had to say.

To prevent the legions of Gaga defenders from stating that Peaches is jealous or wishes she had Gaga's fame or money (because money means so much doesn't it) just take a look at the picture above and the human photocopy machine below.  

You can be obscenely rich and still be an asshole.