February 13, 2013

Gaga talks about Madonna, Perez Hilton and ARTPOP

The Little Monsters behind the Gaga Daily fan site got to meet their cult leader idol backstage at one of her shows.  They sat down and had a nice long chat / interview with her and here's some of things Lady Gaga had to say.


When asked about the theory of the "decay of the pop star", Gaga immediately shot that down.  “It’s not about that at all. At. All.”  Gaga went on to say that when people hear ARTPOP, they are going to say “Wow, is this really Lady Gaga?”  She went on to brag that the entire song collection on ARTPOP is so good that a DJ could play the whole CD in a club back to back and every song would be so amazing because there's one awesome song after another.  Gaga also thinks there will be a lot of hate toward ARTPOP because it's so good.  This is the star that her fans are convinced is so humble and down to earth.  

What's interesting is that Gaga says the main thing she likes about Gaga Daily is the "flame bait rule".  Meaning no one posting in the Gaga Daily forums are allowed to disrespect other artists and are able to appreciate all kinds of music.  Gaga also said that she wants to foster a fan base that appreciates other artists.  Has she met her fans?  I wonder if she's actually in tune with what so many of them say and do.  Then when she was asked about Madonna, she said this  “I know she hates me but I don’t give a fuck. She’s just waiting for me to strike another pose.” The she moved her arms around, striking poses and mocking "vogue".  What about when she flame-baited Kelly Osbourne in a public forum on her Little Monsters social networking site, thus invited all kinds of bullying and aggression toward Kelly Osbourne?  More on top of what Kelly was already getting!  I guess the flame bait rules doesn't apply to her.  Funny how the entire video for Alejandro was a Vogue copy/paste.  I guess Madonna isn't allowed to be upset at having her career ripped off.

Footnote:  The ones who claim the loudest to not "give a fuck" are the ones who give a fuck the most.  She's a text book example.

This is a direct copy/paste (kinda like Gaga's career) from Gaga Daily.
And Gaga wanted us to tell the monsters that she doesn’t want us to pay any attention or get mad at Perez for what he’s doing- we should just laugh at him- as she does. She told us that the whole thing with him started after they were in Australia together- doing some kind of documentary thing. And she said they were doing an interview thing and he started asking her a bunch of personal questions while the camera was rolling.. and Gaga didn’t want to answer them.. but he wouldn’t turn the camera off.. and it got to the point where Tara had to come in and physically pull the plug on the camera, that’s when he changed and got thirsty for the Fame. And Gaga said at one point he even texted her some mean thing (it was something like “How do you like that.. blah blah blah some article about her). And she said when he went on Ellen or something he talked about how he really loved Born This Way and then Gaga was actually proud of him and she thought he was changed.. but then he just went back to saying things about her.

Footnote:  There's two sides to every story.  Gaga likes to play the victim therefore she never does anything wrong.  

On her "haters":

Lastly, and I saved this for last because it’s most important and needs to be something that sticks with you, is a message Gaga wants us to spread to the fans. Please do not be upset when you hear someone say they do not like Lady Gaga. Gaga does not want such a thing to bother you. She said she likes to be hated, because it means she is controversial and all legends were controversial figures. 

Oh, so she thinks she's a legend?  Or going to be one?  There's that humble and down to earth quality again!

On watching YouTube videos of her show:

“Don’t watch videos of the show, it looks like shit!” says Gaga. Well, the videos ARE of her show so I'm confused as to how they can't be accurate.

On other music being "boring":

After talking about ARTPOP, we were discussing how music is kind of boring right now. Gaga thinks the problem with modern artists is that they’re “afraid to get their hands dirty.”  Oh so in other words, they aren't as good or creative as her?   Looks like she needs to be served a slice of humble pie!

What are your thoughts on what Stefani had to say? 

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In other news, Gaga is canceling the remainder of her tour.

Thanks Pike for that update.


Jemuel DaSilva is back.  Check this out and go comment!

Do you think Gaga and her team created a publicity stunt to cover poor ticket sales?  Or have her stupidly ridiculous high heels finally got the better of her?