May 31, 2012

M.D.N.A. Bitch Slap


Here's the video folks. Footage from Madonna's M.D.N.A. Tour opening night in Tel Aviv sticking it to Lady Xerox Gaga one more time.  She did it.

Thanks Hurt for the video!!!

Gaga's New Album "Insane"

Well, this sounds familiar.  I wonder if it will be as insane as the album of the decade?


May 30, 2012

You're a Freak

By Miss Stef

She's labeled you a freak.  She's labeled you an outcast.  She's labeled you a weirdo.  She's labeled you as someone who is on the fringes of society.  A social misfit.  She's labeled you all these things in the name of album sales and gimmicks disguised as camaraderie. 

All this coming from a woman once called Stefani who now goes by Lady Gaga.  From this point on, in my blog, I will no longer refer to Stefani as Lady Gaga.  Her name is Stefani and Gaga doesn't exist.  Gaga is a manufactured persona designed to prey on your vulnerabilities to make you feel connected to her, her music; to make you feel you are a close part of her world by manipulating you to feel like you know her personally and above all things, to make sure you are connected to her bank account. 

What Stefani is doing is the very same thing cults do to gain new members.  Cults try to find your weakest points and use that to make you feel like there's no other person on this planet that understands you better than they do.  Now you feel like you belong to something.  This is also the Little Monster cult.  

Stefani says you are weird and a misfit.  She preaches this to you with her music and with her spoken words in her "youth churches".  Stefani says for you to accept yourself and love yourself because you were born this way, short comings, quirks, less than attractive features and all.  All this coming from someone who was not born this way.  Stefani Germanotta was as normal as they come.   

Her song and dance about accepting yourself is really very lovely when you listen with one ear but when you listen with two, it's a different message.  If anything, her message will end up being more detrimental to one's self esteem in the long run.  After all the ra ra feel better about yourself cheer, little monsters will still feel like freaks and weirdos when they are probably are none of those things. Stefani has labeled you as such and because she says it's so, you believe it.  Stefani is perpetuating it. 

Stefani is not telling you anything different than what your parents told you before. Only your parents didn't put on a shiny PVC costume, glue turquoise hair to their crotch, cover their face with a gimp mask, put a Kermit the Frog face on their head, steak on their feet and call you a freak.  It's a sad day that your self acceptance is measured by the words that come out of an irrelevant pop star that heavily borrows and copies concepts already done and mastered, passing it off as her own. She has manufactured herself into something she is not while at the same time tells you to accept yourself when she couldn't even honor herself with the same favor.


May 29, 2012

I'm Lady Gaga and do you know what I hate more than anything? Money!


Teal Ambition?

Well, well, well.....look what we have here.  Here we have Lady Xerox on Taratata performing Express This Way.  This video is direct from the Lady Gaga Official YouTube channel.  The video is titled "Teal Ambition", a painfully obvious play on words of, you guessed it, Madonna's famed Blond Ambition Tour.


The entire performance is clearly lifted from Madonna's Express Yourself performance at the MTV Awards.  Madonna lite. 

Thanks Red Hawkins for this one.  I haven't seen it either.  Single White Female strikes again.

"I don't give a f--king monkey's about Lady Gaga. It's all about the meat suit and the controversy. Is it about music? Really? She's got the publicity side sorted, but where's the f--king music."
"Her album gets played a lot around my house by my daughter and it's Madonna-lite. Madonna was hardcore. She took it to the edge musically as well as everything else."
"Twenty years from now, will we listen to Lady Gaga? No. She might think she is making a stand for the freaks and the weirdos. But they're not going to have any decent f--king music to play are they?

Noel Gallagher  - God

Kind of like this Red Hawkins?  It's from a different set which makes it even more scandalous!

May 28, 2012

Ok guys...I'm gonna try to make this clear enough so that there will be no room for misunderstanding.  

I do not, repeat, DO NOT have a problem with anyone believing in God, a God, Jesus or whatever else you believe in.

I myself am not sure, repeat, AM NOT SURE, what is out there.  I consider myself agnostic opposed to atheist.  So I do not reject an idea of a supreme being nor am I 100% convinced in the existence of one.

What I DO reject is a group (however small or large) of overly religious people using their religion to butcher the positive message religion tries to send out in order to fulfill their agenda. 

These people would NOT EXIST IF IT WERE NOT FOR ORGANIZED RELIGION AS A WHOLE.  You cannot deny that certain people become fanatical over their religion.  NOT ALL BUT ENOUGH TO GIVE IT A BAD NAME TO SOME!!!

You can believe in a God and not follow an organized religion.  To me, there is a distinct difference between the two.  I guess the cliche "to each their own" is appropriate here.  Yes, I am not a fan of organized religion and for that I make no apologies.  Why should apologize for my beliefs?  Do you? 

What I will apologize for is offending some of you.  That was not my intention.  I am not bullying religious people or being hateful.  I am merely stating my beliefs in a blogging format tied into a Lady Gaga story.  If I were sitting with you one on one over coffee and religion came up as a discussion and I told you I have some problems with it, would it be less offensive?  

If my belief is offensive to you, or the belief of an atheist, do you ever consider that your beliefs are offensive to us? It goes both ways.  I chose to place value in something that has evidence to back it up opposed to simply relying on faith in something not proven, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Just as there is nothing wrong with someone choosing faith over fact.  

Above all else, I respect you all for your opinions on what you believe in.  I was not trying to disrespect any of you.   When I hear or see something that I feel is an injustice and the people causing that injustice are fighting in the name of their religion, it really bugs me and gets me started.

If I lived back in the middle ages, witnessing women being burned at the stake by the Catholic Church, which they did in the name of God, it wouldn't piss me off any less.

So, my heartfelt apologies to the ones I offended.  That's all I will ever say on religion from this point on.

FYI - I read your comments so that's the reason for this post.

May 27, 2012

Madonna Taking Jabs at Gaga During Her Tour...LOL

Is Madonna poking fun at Lady Gaga?  Seems that way.  Audio from the M.D.N.A. tour leaked online and it obvious Madonna is giving Gaga the ol'bitch slap by mashing up Born This Way and Express Yourself  and ending it with She's Not Me.  

Maybe Madonna shouldn't have gone down this road because it makes her look like she's preoccupied with Gaga.  On the other hand, kudos to her.  Stefani has been preoccupied with Madonna from the very beginning; charting her career on the same course as her.  I'd be pretty pissed off too if my entire song, note for note, was plagiarized.


Lady Gaga Cancels Concert in Jakarta

I understand that Lady Gaga cancelled her concert in Indonesia.  I'm trying to control myself and not go into an anti-religion rant.  Not in her defense, oh no.  But in the defense of fucking sanity!!

Religion breeds insanity, violence, hate and delusion.

Rationalism breeds atheists and open mindedness. 

Period. The End.  Because I said so.

Do you know what I think is so Allah-damn funny?  That the Islamic hard liners threaten chaos at Stefani's concert because they believe it is evil.  They purchase tickets to infiltrate it, likely to terrorize people in the form of suicide bombers and who knows what else.  Maybe even kill tons of what are primarily CHILDREN AND TEENS.   

 Then they have the audacity to call her the devil!!!!

Fuck. You.

Any rational person will see the fallacy in their way of thinking.  It's just nuts. Nuts.  I said it before and I'll say it again.  This world would be a far better and more peaceful place without religion.  I'm moving to another planet.

Here are two documentaries I'd like to share.



May 26, 2012

One Year Already!!

To mark Cheat This Way's one year anniversary, regular visitor Hurt made a video.  Check it out folks and wait until the song kicks in.  Then make sure to watch the end.

Thank you Hurt.  Very cute!

May 24, 2012

Lady Gaga Continues to Show Cultural Ignorance, Pisses People Off in Thailand

Once again Lady Gaga has offended scores of people with her ignorance when it comes to culture and race.  Stefani landed in Bangkok for her next show and tweeted

So, Stefani lands in a country with tons of history and culture and this is the only thing that stands out for her about being there.  Interesting.  The fake Rolex comment is unbelievably annoying when it's obvious she can afford a real one.  Stefani is a pretender, pretending to be like the regular folk and wants everyone to believe that she is on our level.  This coming from someone who paid almost $200,000 for a car.  When I see her driving around in a used Suzuki, then talk to me about a fake Rolex.  

Thai DJ Surahit Siamwalla tweeted 'We are more civilized than you think'. Siamwalla has a ticket to Friday's show in Bangkok but said he plans to boycott.

On, a Thai popular web board, some people said they were insulted by her comments and will cancel their plans to watch her concert.

Thai are understandably offended when ignorant outsiders like Stefani focus on the negative aspects of a country instead of taking the time to learn about the richness of it.  Read a book Stefani, and no, Vogue magazine doesn't count as reading.

Nont Armarttasn, fan or perhaps a former fan, sarcastically noted on his Facebook page. 'Welcome to the land of counterfeit products, love,' he said. 'I'm sure there are plenty of fake Gaga CDs, too.'  Everyone in Thailand should burn their Born This Way CD and buy fake ones just to make a statement.  In fact, someone should sell fakes outside the venue the night of her show.

The lady market comment could be another form of ignorance, or stupidity, whatever you want to call it.    The Lady Market in Hong Kong is a very popular outdoor market that sells knock offs.  

Stefani must be assuming that because she's in another Asian city, they must have a lady market too.  Just like all people from Asia are Chinese!

This isn't the first time Stefani had her lack of knowledge severely confused.

We can add this to the list of culturally ignorant comments spewed by Lady Gaga.  Do you remember when she was in Japan and painted her eyes like a panda bear thinking she was giving homage to  Japanese culture?  Someone should have told her that the panda is part of Chinese culture.

One thing Lady Gaga has perfected is how to make an ass of yourself.  Like I said before, she is the Court Jester of Pop.

An Interesting Debate

Part One 

Part Two

The two videos above tie in nicely with the topics discussed in the comments and with the protests against Lady Gaga's concert by religious groups.  The videos also tie in nicely with the theory that Gaga's preaching is very cult-like and that she views herself has a deity for her fans, whether she admits it or not.   

The opinions expressed in the two videos may offend some, especially if you are very attached to your religious beliefs.  On the other hand, it asks questions that are very logical and provokes thought.  That is, if you are open to thought.  

Questions like "what makes a cult different from a religion"?  I encourage you to watch and engage in a debate from what I think is a pretty awesome springboard.

May 23, 2012

I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

“I’m not an alien. I’m not a woman. I’m not a man. I’m not a creature of your government, Manila. I’m all your dreams and I’m all your potential. Let me be all your insecurities and your fears. I’m your future. I’m everything that makes you sad and angry. I’m you, little monsters. Tonight’s not a statement. Tonight’s us coming together because we believe we were all born this way. Some people say I stand for things that are bad. The truth is, I want the best for every single one of you. My lifestyle is like one whole performance of liberation.” 
Lady Gaga - Speech during concert in Manila

Come again?  What lifestyle?  Can anyone be more pretentious than Lady Gaga.  Unbelievable.


Jesus Christ.  This is just like the Monster Ball all over again.  The rambling on in between songs.  Psychotic screaming.  The reverb in the stadium makes it really difficult to understand what she is saying.   The constant portrayal of a victim is getting really old. The crying.....just stop.  Isn't it time for a new schtick? 

May 22, 2012

A Brilliant Perspective from Paws Down

Go and read Martyr for Fame:  The Ugly Duckling Syndrome by Paws Down.  

It's a different perspective on the whole Indonesia hard line Muslim threat and the theory that this may be staged by Gaga's handlers. 

Music review: Lighten up, Lady Gaga is just comic-book outlandish

Just what I've been saying all along.  Don't be offended by her religious folk.  She's just a court jester masquerading as controversy and art.  Yawn.

Read the entire article HERE.

Oh and to those who think I copied Paws Down on purpose....suck on this.


Thanks Paws Down.  You and I work together and help each other out.  I did not deliberately leave out credit.  I always give credit, even to people who email stories to me.  It was an accident and not meant to be malicious.  I love your blog too.

Meat Dress Fraud! Sonia Exposes Lady Gaga Again


Sonia From The Truther Girls Exposes Lady Gaga


Media overlook ticket prices in Lady Gaga downfall storyline

May 21, 2012

Hard-Line FPI Buys 150 Tickets to Stop Lady Gaga Concert


Lady Gaga's Indonesia show may still happen. Stefani also faced protests in Manila by Catholics.  Stefani took to the stage and flapped her gums by defying the government, saying "I'm not a creature of your government, Manila", then went ahead and performed Judas.   I'm looking for video of this.  If you come across it, please email the link to me.

Stefani opened her big mouth in Manila because Catholics will protest but they will not become violent like Muslim hardliners FPI.  Check this out.


Now that is fucking scary.  What exactly do they plan to do should the concert go on?  If the concert goes on, let's see if Stefani is brave enough to flap her pie hole.  These guys are nuts.  If this show goes on, it's not going to be pretty.

May 19, 2012

Lady Gaga Faces More Protests in Manila

Hard line Muslims in Jakarta succeeded with their goal to ban the Born This Way Ball.   Will Christians in Manila be able to do the same?

Stefani arrived in Manila before her two day concert on May 21st and 22nd in the Philippine capital.   Religious groups claim that over 5000 are expected to attend the protest on Saturday night.  The fact that Stefani is already on Philippine soil means the work permit has been issued and the likelihood of a cancellation at this stage isn't realistic whereas in Indonesia, the work permit denial happened three weeks before her scheduled June 3rd concert.

The Philippines is a deeply religious nation with the majority being Roman Catholic and Stefani's song "Judas" is causing the most offense.  

Baptist preacher Benny Abante, who is also a former member of the House of Representatives, said the song “Judas” mocked Jesus Christ.

“You can’t just say, ‘Okay, I’m an artist, I’ll make an artistic expression’,” Abante told about 300 fellow protesters.

“You stomp on our Lord while saying you’re a fame hooker, you’re a prostitute wench,” he said referring to the lyrics of the song.

“We believe that this concert is grossly blasphemous, immoral, lewd, obscene and carries demonic and occultic undertones that are insults to our God and are direct attacks against our Christian faith,” Fred Magbanua, one of the Christian leaders, said.

I get his point about the hooker glorification.  How can you lecture young fans on abstinence yet glorify being a prostitute? That's a rhetorical question.

While I am not a religious person and am not offended by Stefani or anyone else, religious groups should find some solace in knowing that Lady Gaga is simply a wannabe.   She tries to be controversial for the sake of being controversial with no real message or emotion behind her supposed artistic endeavours.  It's pseudo-controversy and very superficial.  When one sets out to be controversial and goes does the beaten religious path, it should be evident that it's a ruse to garner attention, headlines and talk. 

True controversy is marked by someone who truly believes in something, expresses their view through song, paintings, writings or film and manages to piss a whole lot of people off by accident.   Stefani's is not real.  The lyrics to "Judas" are a joke and you just know she sat there and thought "I'll write a song mocking religion to piss people off".

So religious people, don't get angry.  Just point your fingers and laugh like everyone else.  You should be able to recognize that her shallow religious mockery is not sincere and is just a gimmick to remain relevant and that's all there is to it.

More on Religion

Just a personal note to Zoe.  When I say I'm not religious, I don't mean I'm an atheist.  I consider myself a free thinker.  What I mean is that I do not follow any organized religion because I believe it's man made and it's purpose is to brainwash and control people through fear.  I do not believe it is God made, whatever "God" may be.  I believe there is something out there but am not arrogant enough to claim to know what it is unlike the men who created organized religion.

The Bible and other texts were written by men who left out scriptures they don't agree with and included ones they do agree with.  Therefore it's cherry picking.  It tells us we are bad people and will burn in hell if we do this or that.  So religion breeds fear. 

Thou shall not kill.  Unless it's in the name of God, then it's justified.  What about war?  Is that exempt from this commandment?  Religion is also full of hypocrisy governed by hypocrites.

Texts written thousands of years ago, which should be considered out dated today are used as ammunition to create laws and persecute groups of people, be it homosexuals, women or other races.  Religions are pitted against other religions, all claiming to be the one true religion. Organized religion has bastardized anything spiritual and only reserves love for what it THINKS God would love.  That offends me more than anything Lady Gaga could ever do.  God loves all but organized religion does not.

Having said that, since I do believe in a God-like energy (I call it Nature), I could also be offended by Stefani's religious mockery but I chose not to be.  Mainly because her lyrics and antics do not bother me one bit because what is in my heart is stronger than anything she, or anyone else does.  I enjoy Marilyn Manson but I also get him.  I get that he is challenging organized religion which I feel should be challenged.  People that are too clouded by their religious convictions would find that offensive instead of opening their minds and exploring a little bit.   Gaga doesn't challenge religion.  She's like a court jester prancing around making a fool of herself believing she's being deep, provocative and poetic.  That's what I mean by "point your finger and laugh". 

Lady Gaga Gives Teens Hypocritical Advice

Stefani has some unsolicited advice for her teen Little Monsters, "I think young kids should wait as long as they can before they have sex. And they should use protection from the first time to the last time. But I'm not afraid to talk about sex. Sex is not wrong. Sex is real life. I don't see sex to be a bad thing, “ says GaGa.

I guess Lady Gaga doesn't see what a hypocrite she is when most of her songs involve sex directly or indirectly.  Lyrics would include "I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south" from Heavy Metal Lover.  "I'll make him hot, show him what I got", Poker Face.  Just to name a few.

It's very irresponsible for her to give such advice when she is provocative and sexual in her performances, wearing clothing with her ass sticking out and stickies on her nipples.  

To further cement her ways in the "do as I say, not as I do" sidewalk, Gaga says "Sex is an inspiration for everyone and I don't think there is one song that's ever been written that sex wasn't part of it. So that's what makes the world go round. I don't know if threesomes make the world go round, but I suppose, they're fun."

For someone who is in the music business (or Xerox business), Stefani is pretty ignorant and her statement is extremely uneducated.  If she took a music theory class, she would know that there are thousands of songs that are not about sex. 

We Are The Champions by Queen.
Paperback Writer by The Beatles
We Didn't Start The Fire by Billie Joel
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Hotel California by The Eagles
Holiday by Madonna

Stefani needs to own up to the fact that if she wants her blind little monsters to abstain from sex, maybe she should stop flaunting her ass on stage and wearing sheer black body suits with a thong and nipple stickers underneath.  

Pssst, hey kids, don't have sex OK!  Listen to your role model, mommy monster.  I know what I'm talking about. 

May 17, 2012

Lady Gaga Running Out of Ideas

More Regurgitation Ball.

Beheading Barbie - The Monster Ball

Beheading Barbie 2.0 - Born This Way Ball Tour

I thought she was going revolutionize how tours are done?  Does that mean recycling everything from The Fame era?

For the whiny cry goes to Paws Down.  Paws Down and I have a good working relationship.  I doubt he or she thinks I was ripping them off as we share a lot of the same opinions.  I've given Paws Down credit in the past.

Thank you Paws Down.

May 16, 2012

Born This Way Ball Review

Read the rest HERE.

Key Quotes from the article: (Thank you Pike for doing this)

The presentation was surprisingly demure, however, for a singer most famous for her ability to shock.

But never mind the scenes of scantily-clad male dancers caressing each other and the singer grinding against a female dancer on a motorcycle. They did not feel sensual; the former, especially, seemed rather mechanical. The show was mostly tongue-in-cheek and playful rather than offensive or harmful.

It was practically impossible to tell when she was singing live or lip-syncing to pre-recorded tracks behind those veils, but more props to the sound engineers who made it indiscernible.

Her costumes, even the infamous red meat dress, did not break new ground but never failed to excite the adoring crowd. She changed into new outfits after almost every track, the wait for which, albeit astonishingly brief, cluttered the show.

[When] Gaga and her team decided to be serious at some moments, including an interlude about creating a “new race within the race of humanity,” they fell flat.

May 15, 2012

Gaga's routines are so challenging that she pukes during the show

She tweeted this.

This picture of her and the alleged teen model molester is from the Monster Ball, not from the Born This Way Ball in Tokyo.  I guess Gaga was looking for an excuse to plaster her saggy, cross nipple, tit grabbing pic on Twitter as a statement on, it's coming......she's trying to......the message she wants to send is.......that we have about as many rights as the meat on our bones.  No wait, that was the meat dress statement.  Oh, I give up!

UPDATE:  I stand corrected.  The pic is at the hotel bar in Tokyo last week.  Still....what does this have to do with puking because her show is hard?  Maybe she's puking because of this.

Anyway, watch the performance below.  This is what has Stefani puking in between songs.  I laughed at 1:49.

"Mom, look what I can do".


No permit for Gaga: Jakarta cops

Read the rest HERE.  It's not looking good for Stefani's show.  Check this out.  Is this what's in store when the Born This Way Ball rolls into Jakarta?

Read the rest HERE.

Honestly, I hope her show goes on as a big F.U. to these hateful, violent, murderous religious zealots.  Once again religion proves how it is a cancer on society.  A peaceful world is a religion free world. 

May 14, 2012

Lady Gaga's Indonesia Concert Should Be Canceled: Jakarta Police

This is going to get ugly.  Hard line Islamic group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) based in Indonesia is allegedly planning a huge push to stop Stefani's concert from happening in Jakarta. 

Stefani also faced pressure in Korea from Christian groups however the show went on without any violence and injuries.  What may happen in Jakarta though is really scary.  Hard line Islamic groups aren't known for their peaceful resolutions and are fanatical when it comes to their religion.  Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world.  

FPI’s leader Rizieq Syihab furthered the devil worshiping claims, adding that the singer was planning to build Lucifer’s kingdom in Indonesia.

“If she performed, I will send Muslims in Jakarta to stop the concert,” he said in Temanggung. 

FPI chairman Rizieq Shihab had previously urged Gaga to call off the show, telling The Jakarta Post, “If you want chaos in Jakarta, just continue to hold the concert.” 

What does he mean by that?  Exactly how does the FPI plan to stop the concert?  The police in Jakarta are recommending that the show be stopped but that would be up to Gaga and her people.   It was in Bali, Indonesia, a predominately Hindu island of the Muslim nation, that several nightclubs were bombed because of so called Western impurity.  Hundreds died and the carnage was horrific.  

Could a repeat of the Bali bombings be a possible threat that concert goers have to worry about? 


“Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children: organized religion ought to have a great deal on its conscience.”
Christopher Hitchens,
God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything


May 13, 2012

Lady Air Guitar

This is just too much.  During Stefani's performance of "Electric Chapel" in Tokyo, she tries to convince the audience that she can rock out on a guitar.  Take a close look.  She's focusing too much on the air guitar that she's losing concentration on her vocals and "dance" abilities.


Paws Down suggests she's strumming.  I actually wonder if the guitar is even plugged into the amp!  If it is, it's probably one made by Fischer Price.

To run the risk of sounding like a Madonna fan page again, I have to go down that road because the comparison is ringing like a five alarm fire.  Madonna's tackled guitars and while she may not be Eddie Van Halen, she can play, much better than Gaga.  Here we have Gaga once again trying to mimic Madonna's stage repertoire.  Madonna started off as a drummer in her first band Breakfast Club.


Here's another clip of Stefani in Seoul playing the, um, guitar.


Get sound effects & royalty free music at AudioMicro.

May 12, 2012

May 11, 2012

The Regurgitation Ball

Monster Ball 2010

Born this Way Ball 2012
Born This Way Ball 2012

Thanks Paws Down.  It really is a regurgitation of 2010.  Nothing new and running out of ideas.  Yawn.

May 9, 2012

Lady Gaga Accused Of Buying Twitter Followers, Lip Syncs and Rips Off Blue Monday

The amount of Twitter followers that Stefani has, 23 million plus, does not make sense when you compare it to the alleged amount of Born This Way albums sold, 5 million, 8 million shipped.  If she truly has 23 million plus fans on Twitter, then why hasn't she sold 23 million plus copies of Suck This Way? 

To be fair, I wouldn't doubt that other wanna be manufactured "artists" do the same.  It's not just Gaga.

Oh and a little off topic but still in line with Stefani's compulsive lying and fakery, Lady I Never Lip Sync, is doing just that.  This clip shows the Government Hooker intro of her lame tour.  Stefani is clearly lip syncing.  There's no way to deny or defend it.


To top it off, Government Hooker is a direct rip off of New Order's Blue Monday and Orgy's cover of Blue Monday.




Nice try Stefani.  You fail.  I see a ship in the harbour and that ship is Lady Gaga.  With her pen and notebook ready, taking notes and ready to steal.  Now that ship has ran aground.  Tell me how does it feel?  Tell me now how does it feel?


May 8, 2012

Did Gaga's Lawyers Contact "Paws Down Little Monsters"?

Hey Paws Down....what the heck happened?  I've never heard from her lawyers ever, not once.  Maybe because I disguise my IP address.  For all they know, I'm in Mongolia.

May 7, 2012

Lady Gaga Pisses People Off in Hong Kong

Does anyone have any videos of what she said?  I can't find anything on YouTube.  Justin Yau is right.  I've been to Stefani's home town of New York and you can buy tons of fake, rip off merchandise there, as in plenty of cities around the world.  How fitting considering she's fake, rip off merchandise as well.  Proving once again what an ignorant twat she is. 

May 6, 2012

The real "Album of the Decade"

Merci Pike!


May 5, 2012

I thought Gaga wasn't going to talk to the press for a really long time???

That must have been a difficult challenge for her.  You know, not speaking to the press.  Oprah must feel betrayed.


May 2, 2012

Lady Gaga Kicks Off Tour in Seoul. Bring Your Own Binoculars

I wonder if they feel ripped off?



May 1, 2012

Lady Gaga and Fur: More Hypocrisy and Lies Exposed

Do you remember when Lady Gaga protested the use of fur by wearing this?

  "I thought it was commentary on not wearing fur, because I hate fur and don't wear fur"
-- Lady Gaga --

After coming under fire by PETA for wearing the Jana Sterbak meat dress rip off, Stefani signed an anti-fur campaign along side other artists such as Pink and Mariah Carey. 

How very noble of her.  It seems she had a change of heart or she is just a lying, no good hypocrite.  Pictures such as these started popping up.

Now, I don't know for sure if the fur in the pictures above are fake but if they are then why is Stefani using designers such as Armani, Versace and Moschino to design her costumes on the Born This Way Ball Tour.  Armani, Versace and Moschino are designers that use fur.

How can you possibly be against fur yet engage the services of the slaughter fashion houses that she's employed?  Just further proof that Stefani is a fake and fraud. 

Lady I Hate Money and I'm so Lower East Side went on to say "It's been my life's dream to be dressed in Italian designers."

Really?  That's a life dream of someone who hates money?  Should that even be a life dream? This further shows how Stefani is a materialistic, insecure and shallow individual who's totally consumed by appearances and being validated by "names".

Someone who hates money does not care for these things yet Gaga does and she supports the slaughter of innocent animals for her vanity and fashion.

This is what the lying sack of shit supports.

A fox being electrocuted through the Anus for its fur and a skinned fox for his fur.

Dogs in cages used in the Chinese fur industry.
Most fur is made in China and no doubt these so called high end fashion designers are getting most of their fur there.  The problem is that the fur is mislabeled as rabbit, fox or mink when the consumer is really wearing man's best friend. 

When you see the above pictures, how can anyone with a heart, no, a soul, think this is acceptable!  It is not, no matter what the animal is.  Only sick, demented, cold hearted, materialistic, shallow people accept this.  A caring, compassionate person would be sickened by this.  Fashion would not and should not supersede what is torturous and cruel.  This is not an opinion, it's a fact.

Dogs being skinned alive for fur.  For the fashion Lady Gaga supports by using designers that use fur.

If you think fur is OK, you're an asshole.  That is an opinion.....and get the fuck off my blog.

For a complete list of designers that use fur, click HERE.

If you want to respect something, respect the Green Hill Occupiers in Montichiari, Italy.  Green Hill is an American company owned by Marshall BioResource, a pathetic company which breeds animals, including dogs for laboratory research. 

On April 28th, 2012, over 1000 protesters marched up to Green Hill in the Italian countryside and found a breach in the fence, broke in and rescued 30 Beagles doomed to misery.  Thousands remain.  The protesters formed a human chain and passed each dog until they reached the fence and were handed over the barbed wire and given to people waiting on the other side.

It's been confirmed that several of the Beagles have already had their vocal chords cut. 

This group of people have hearts and embody compassion and love.

Click HERE to see the pictures.  Here's a video of the amazing event.  Sorry, it's in Italian.


And here's a video of 5 of the rescued Beagles that are now safe from harm thanks to these amazing people.


Puppy victory!

Lady shit and die.  Then click HERE.

To's a list of designers and clothing manufacturers that do not use fur.