April 30, 2012

Lady Starlight - An Opening Act

Lady Starlight opened a few shows during the Monster Ball.  Or she DJ'd in between opening acts.  Whatever.  Now Stefani's friend is coming back on the Born This Way Ball Tour, selected dates only.  Not sure why.  You'll know what I mean when you watch the clips below.




It's like a bad American Idol audition.

April 27, 2012

Born This Way Ball Opening Night

Last night in Korea, Stefani kicked off of her worldwide tour.   I'll start off with the usual pandering and prattle that is the Monster Ball 2.0, complete with psychotic screaming and all.  See if you can manage watching the whole thing.  That is if you don't start cringing within the first 5 seconds.


If you attend the show, I'll guarantee you'll hear a similar speech with a different city named.  Ex: rah rah Roma, Roma, rah rah Singapore, rah rah Bangkok, rah rah Paris and so on and so on and so on.

Watch how she runs screaming her name like a mental patient escaping from the lobotomy ward at Danvers Insane Asulym.


Here we have Alejandro. Suffice it to say that it's nothing performance and it's hard not to think of Madonna's Like a Virgin number from the Blond Ambition Tour.   All that's missing are the cone bras on the men.  And, the girl cannot dance for the life of her.  Point that gun cone bra to her head and she still won't find the rhythm.


More bad dancing.


And finally, here's Just Dance.  Gaga chose not too.


Luckily she had her dancers. They pretty much carried the show for her.  Although during Just Dance, it reminded me of The 20 Minute Workout from the 80's.


According to some, the Monster Pit looked a little empty.

Here's Stefani's inspiration for her set design.


April 26, 2012

Born This Way Ball Merchandise

Is Stefani finally admitting in a round about way that most of her fans are kids?  Check this out.

Unless you're five, no self respecting, mature adult would ever carry their lunch to the office in this, which will guarantee an ass kicking, stares, giggling and finger pointing from co-workers.  Every single band and solo artist sells merchandise at shows.  Mainly t-shirts, caps, programs and posters.  What's with the lunch box and bandages though? Miss I Hate Money has now become Gaga® and Company LTD.  A touring department store.  I'm sure the prices will echo Christmas at Barney's. 

April 24, 2012

Washington conducts pitbull roundup | KATC.com | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

Guys.....please spread the word about this.  I'm sickened.  

Washington conducts pitbull roundup | KATC.com | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

Is Gaga's Gaymance with the Gays Over?

According to gay radio station Gaydar it could be the beginning of the end of the love affair.  Could it be that the insincere pandering is finally being seen for what it is.....completely unauthentic and self serving.

Gaydar recently held it's Hero and Heroine Awards 2012 where listeners voted for their favourites.  The winner in the Pop Artist of the Year category is Adele.  Runners-up are Lady Gaga, Madonna, George Michael and Will Young.  

Although Stefani did get 19% of the votes, she didn't win.  Which suggests that the gay community is tiring of her nonsense. The fog is lifting and the LGBT community are able to recognize the marketing ploy designed to manipulate their vulnerabilities because to so many unsuspecting gay kids, Gaga has now given them permission to be gay.  #eyeroll

Perhaps even Perez Hilton sees through the facade.  He doesn't write about her anymore.  

What Lady Gaga really represents is the society's pigeon holed view of gay men as a stereotype and Gaga has made herself the grand finale float at a gay exploit parade.



April 22, 2012

Lady Gaga Still Bragging About Her Drug Use

Isn't she cool.

Oh here......enjoy.  I think she might have been on shrooms at 1:54.  Keep watching the Bad Romance number.  "I don't lip sync ever".....yeah right.


April 20, 2012

Lady Gaga Must Think The Public Is Stupid

How can she possibly say the things outlined in the above article? That's a rhetorical question. It's only been a few weeks since photos were released of Stefani driving around in a $200,000 car.  Does she think we're, meaning "the public",  all stupid?  

This apartment she speaketh of.....is this the same abode she visited with Anderson Cooper?  The one where a new tenant is currently living?  I thought she couch surfs because she doesn't own a place?  Didn't she recently say she stays at her parent's when she's in New York?

Stefani's made past claims about not caring for money or spending it but where is the sudden regurgitation of this coming from? Recent stories about Lady Lie This Way suggest otherwise. 

I just don't understand the constant, habitual lying. Does anyone really believe that she doesn't spend money?  I mean, seriously!  She's made enough money to feed and provide infrastructure to three poor African countries. You mean to tell me that she doesn't spend any of it.  I don't buy it....not for one second.  Bitch lies and lies and people are stupid enough to buy it. 

Stefani wants so desperately for the public to believe that she's a down to earth girl just like me and you and everyone of us "civilians".  In the beginning it was charming and seemed sincere.  Now it's transparent and disingenuous.  

Does she even realize the hypocrisy of her ways and the contradictions in her speech?

April 19, 2012

Born This Way Ball Sold Out?

From Paws Down Little Monsters

Paws Down has several more sales charts from previous weeks that Lady Gaga doesn't appear on.  Make sure to check it out.

April 17, 2012

Marilyn Manson's Two Cents on Lady Gaga


Here we have industrial metal star Marilyn Manson, giving us his 0.99, er, 0.02 cents on Stefani. I love Manson.

Manson's also noticed the eerie similarities between his appearance and Stefani stealing from the Manson bag of tricks.

“I’m starting to feel that people are saying I’m Lady Gaga and also that Jesse James woman. I’m starting to feel insulted, ’cause I don’t want to look like either one of them.” – Marilyn Manson

She really looks like him doesn't she??? I don't mean in a copy cat kind of way, but as in the same face shape and features.

April 14, 2012

Lady Gaga fans irked as £80 UK gig tickets go for £1100

Wanna know why Gaga's tickets sold out in the UK in 60 seconds.  Read on.  When fans tried to buy tickets on Ticketmaster's website for £80, they were quickly disappointed to learn that the tickets were sold out.  They were then directed to Ticketmaster's sister site Get Me In where the tickets are being sold for a whopping £1100.  Holy smokes!! 

I see a clear case of consumer manipulation here.  What if the tickets were never really available on Ticketmaster and were planned ahead of time to be allegedly "sold out" so that fans were forced to buy them for the highly inflated price instead?  I think it's very likely.

Get Me In is a site for people to resell tickets they already purchased.  Sort of like a Craigslist but Ticketmaster receives a cut from the selling price since they own Get Me In.  The fact that tickets were already listed on Get Me In immediately after the supposed 60 second sell out sale is highly suspect.  Even if it were scalpers that bought all the Ticketmaster tickets and listed the tickets on Get Me In, it's very unethical for Ticketmaster to get rich from crooks. Then again corporations are crooks so if it walks like a duck.....

I personally do not believe it was scalpers.  I think it was Ticketmaster's intent from the start to sell most of the tickets through Get Me In and only a small number were allocated under the Ticketmaster umbrella thus resulting in a quick sell out.

Looks good for Gaga and she also gets a much higher profit for herself.



Then watch this.


April 11, 2012

Lady Gaga's Dieting Wars and the Art of Hypocrisy

The setting, Brentwood High School in Los Angeles.  The event, the It's Our Turn women's conference.  The surprise guest, Lady Gaga.  Conference co-organizer Jade Iovine calls Lady Gaga to the stage where she sat with Maria Shriver for a 30 minute candid conversation about her struggles growing up. 

Maria Shriver began the conversation by stating that Stefani is an incredible example of being brave and having an authentic voice but that she wasn't always that way.  Stefani talked about her bullying but she also went on to talk about her poor body image when a female student approached the microphone and said, "I struggle with body issues, and I know you're so confident in the way you dress. And I am wondering how you deal with such issues?"

Stefani composed her thoughts for a moment then went on to admit  "I used to throw up all the time in high school. So I'm not that confident. And maybe it's easier for me to talk about it now because I don't do it anymore."

"I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the table every night," Lady Gaga revealed. "I used to come home and say, 'Dad, why do you always give us this food? I need to be thin.' And he'd say, 'Eat your spaghetti.'"

"It's really hard," she continued. "But ... you've got to talk to somebody about it. And the fact that you stood up in front of this whole room and said that is so incredible."

"Every video I'm in, every magazine cover, they stretch you; they make you perfect," Lady Gaga said. "It's not real life. I'm gonna say this about girls: The dieting wars have got to stop. Everyone just knock it off. Because at the end of the day, it's affecting kids your age. And it's making girls sick."

This was just a mere two months ago.  She's right.  The pressure on young girls to be thin and to look a certain way is a cancer in their minds.  It's causing so many girls to strive by using any means necessary to live up to what society, the fashion world and magazines say they ought to be.  

Then, just yesterday, the founder of the Born This Way Foundation tweeted this.

I found this to be a very irresponsible thing to say.  For someone who demands that the dieting wars need to stop, she certainly isn't trying to be a true beacon of change.  Sure, she talks the good talk but her walk is crippled.  One has to question what the purpose of tweeting this is?  Pop singers don't eat? I was born this way?  Is this something she's wearing like a badge of honor?  

A more appropriate name for her foundation would be the Do As I Say, Not As I Do Foundation.  Stefani is very good at giving out advice but why doesn't she take her own? 

But that's not all she tweeted.  Stefani also bragged about her use of prescription drugs.

OK Princess Xena....I have to admit, I'm not sure if she's talking about the actual pill Xanax or her music having a Xanax like effect on people within ear shot. 

Either way, it's becoming more clear that Lady Gaga is not the appropriate person to spearhead the self esteem campaign when at the same time, she's advocating extreme dieting and pill popping.  It's her choice if she wants to take a Xanax but again why tweet about it?  It's irresponsible especially when most of her fans are teenagers themselves and I think it's about time media outlets and interviewers called her out on her hypocrisy and lies.

Here's an awesome comment from Oh No They Didn't.

P.S. I got linked to The Arts and Craft Daily.  :)

April 9, 2012

April 5, 2012

Lady Gaga is not as nice as she seems

Madonna finally got a Twitter account and last night fans got the chance to ask her anything.  Katy Perry was one.  Check out Katy's question and Madonna's reply.

Make no question, Lady Xerox was creeping in on the Q&A because not long after she tweets.....

First allow me to point out that Stefani can't even spell the title to her own song.  #dumb

Obviously this tweet was directed to Madonna and suggests that anyone in the front row watching her would kill themselves. Since Stefani is such an advocate against bullying and EVEN started her own foundation to combat the problem, she's just engaged in a little online bullying herself and it's very irresponsible for her to tweet this considering several of her fans have committed suicide.  Suicide has now become a joke when it suits her.  This further proves that all the sweet, niceties that Lady Gaga tries to shine upon the masses is just a ruse.  No one is that nice, especially in a cut throat business like the music industry.  If she were really that nice, the suits would have had her for lunch and spit her out a long time ago.
Secondly, this dumb bitch would not be where she is without Madonna.  Her entire career has been lifted from Madonna.  Everything she's done has been in unison with Madonna's career ala stalker style.  Her shows are like Madonna shows.  It's like she bought the Madonna career mold and poured herself into it.  Preheat to 350, bake for 1 hour and done.  Lady Gaga is a knife wielding, back stabbing, phony, lying, hypocritical sack of shit.  

Gags, if you read this, you are not and will never be as culturally important as Madonna nor have the impact she's had, ever. Enjoy the remaining time you have left because whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, people are sick of you. You've over stayed your welcome.  Hurry up and leave.

Have you ever known that one person that is "so nice"?  That everyone says all the time how "nice" they are?  Doesn't that make you a little bit suspicious?  Doesn't it seem fake to you?  It's a highly manipulative tactic.  Eventually people will see through it and in Gaga's case, it's already happening.

I love my fans.  I miss my monsters, can't wait to see you at the ball. My fans are the best. I love Whitney, she's my idol.  I love Madonna, she's a huge inspiration. etc, etc, etc. 

Pandering, pandering, pandering.  Transparent, transparent, transparent.
Guess who was nice enough to wish the witch Happy Birthday?  Katy Perry

Guess who didn't?  Madonna.


April 4, 2012

Underage in Korea Banned from Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball

The Korea Media Rating Board, a watchdog group in South Korea has branded the upcoming Born This Way Ball tour unsuitable for minors.  Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to attend the show.  Their reasons?  Apparently it has to do with Stefani's advocacy of homosexuality, glorifying drinking and partying (Just Dance) and pseudo religious sacrilege.  

A few in South Korea have spoken up and Stefani later tweeting her thanks.

Nothing wrong with that.  Pretty harmless.  What about the next tweet?

Ok, this is what I shake my head at every time.  While I agree that it's up to the parents to decide what is appropriate for their children and not some crazy Christian group or ratings board, what the hell does this issue have to do with her ticket sales?  Why even bother mentioning that her sales aren't affected?  What is the point to even bring this up?  Stefani has to constantly stroke her own ego and somehow turn the spotlight of the true issue at hand onto herself.  

The true issue is whether her show is appropriate for minors and who should be deciding.  Parents or an organization. NOT how many tickets she's selling or whether tickets are still being sold despite the age restriction. 

Yet another example of her narcissism.  It never ends.   But you just know she's secretly proud of herself because it feeds her ego to know she's so bad ass like other controversial artists.

 Lady Gaga:  Whaaaaat?  South Korea won't let my prepubescent little monsters come to my show! Blasphemy! That's OK.  I'm still selling tickets there because I'm sooooooooooooooooo popular. I'm Lady Gaga. Time to tweet this shiz out!  What's even more cool about it is that I'm even more like Madonna!  Madonna banned and given a spanking by Rome and the Vatican and I got the same but from Korea!  Yay me!

April 3, 2012

Madonna Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200, Lionel Richie at No. 2

What's that about "flop" again?


Oh...and this too.


April 2, 2012

Lady Gaga Doesn't Want To Be Noticed Since Oprah Interview

Gaga in West Hollywood on her birthday

Please don't look at me.   Stop taking my picture!  Can't you see I want to be left alone! That's why I forgot to put my pants on!