January 31, 2012

Lady GaGa Buys Luxury London Apartment?

Ugh...really?  Anything else you want to add to your Madonna replica life?  Maybe you can buy your father a vineyard in Michigan.  Or you can paint your new apartment crazy colors like Madge did to her Hollywood Hills home in the 90's.  

Or you can pick a random African country and start a charity there.  To make it less obvious but still transparent, you can pick India instead.  

I can hear the music from Psycho playing in the background. 


Tick Tock on the Kinney Clock


In the not too distant past, Stefani said that babies are a long way off.  Now, while speaking to Spain's Radio Ibiza, she is saying that she wants a baby but he must be Italian and she is considering a sperm donor.  For the record, that's what her music is....shitty Ibiza pop.


1.) Why does she need a sperm donor?  Is this confirmation that no man in their right mind would bang her?

2.)  How does her current non-Italian boyfriend Taylor Kinney feel about this amazing revelation?

Can you imagine being in a relationship, in a r.e.l.a.t.i.o.n.s.h.i.p., and your girlfriend not only says you don't have the right genes, but she will go to a sperm donor before letting your own sperm near her eggs!!

Well spank my ass and call me stupid! Can we be any tackier?

I'm sure he's wondering where he fits into this circus sideshow equation.  Or maybe the days are numbered on this mismatched relationship.  He's already sick of her antics and gimmick so this is likely the last nail in the coffin. 

Someone should tell her to lay off the booze and drugs if she's planning to get pregnant.  Ever notice her tweets are often about drinking this or that while doing this or that?

HA!!  Shut up.  Any excuse is a good excuse for you to drink.

FYI - getting drunk by yourself is not a good sign

Oh and what's this?

I love how she's using the word 'inspiration'  instead of "rip offiration".

And it's YOU'RE not YOUR and quit the pandering and patronizing.  It's old and transparent.

January 30, 2012

If you live in Canada, click HERE to sign the petition.  SOPA was just the beginning.

STATE OF GRACE Music Video By Eddy Barrena

This is Eddy Barena and his music video.  Eddy is the creator of Little Monsters Big Drama.  Check it out.

Lady Gaga Vs. Madonna Catfight Heats Up

Lady Gaga Will Not Release Any More Singles from ‘Born This Way’

That's because the whole album sucked and she's rushing out the next one which is going to suck even more.  Stefani is copying referencing 80's metal bands for her new floptastic album.  Kinda what Born This Way was influenced by.  See ya Gaga....it hasn't been a pleasure.


January 29, 2012

It's coming.......................are you ready Lady Xerox?  Do you have your note pad and pen ready to steal some new ideas?

I hope I look this good at 53!!  Actually, I will!!  Us Italians are ageless!  Unless your Gaga.


One thing that I cannot stand, one thing that drives me to a point where I need to get into a zen space real fast is anything that causes harm and injury to animals.  This story is an outrage and it's making it's way around the Internet very quickly.  

If you're angry like me and want to express your anger, feel free to contact Ogden CAP Properties.  They manage the property.  The condo board members refuse to take any responsibility.

I have a dog and I love him more than anything I can ever imagine.  I work with dogs part time, all types of breeds.  I totally understand the anguish Nick Santino must have felt. I don't know why Santino didn't feel he could send his beloved dog to a friend or family while he searched for a new place.  It's an extreme reaction however the condo board made his life a living hell as did several impossible tenants.

January 27, 2012

Lady Gaga Set To Launch Social Network Site

I heard about Backplane a while back.  I'm sure it will do very well.  Especially among Stefani and her fans. 

I don't know just how sincere Stefani is with this "My fans! My fans!  I love you! You make me brave!" bullshit but what she's doing here is genius.  Sheeple - you know, the type of people that would pitch a tent for three days in miserable weather just to catch a glimpse of their idol at an award show - those type of people - will be all over this like maggots feeding on the corpse of Gaga's dead career.  It's also brilliant manipulation.  Stefani has created this pseudo bond with her fans and lead them to believe that they have a real relationship with her when nothing can be further from the truth.  What an absolutely amazing way to line her money hating pockets! By launching a social networking platform designed to create a translucent illusion for her fans to believe that they have EVEN more of a connection with their queen.

It's hard to say how other celebrities will feel about this.  Stalkers are a real threat and so many celebrities already had to deal with them, the courts, the scares, the break ins into their home.  Some have even been killed.  Remember Rebecca Schaeffer?  I doubt they will want to open up another avenue for these crazies to get even closer.  

Stefani better start using her brain.  One day, the wrong type of little monster is going to get too close because of Stefani's duck sitting status.  Mark my words, one day this is going to come back and bite her in the ass.
Rival Facebook?  Sorry, not convinced about that one.

Thanks Pike for the link.


January 26, 2012

Sh*t Madonna Says


This did make me laugh.....thank you Anon for the link.
Hey guys

I've been told and I've read some of the comments from other celebrity sites like Oh No They Didn't and there's been some chatter that I'm the person who is running Help Mother Monster / Monster's Against Madonna.

Then today someone commented on my civil rights post HERE saying that I'm behind Rick's blog AND that I'm a racist and ageist.  

First of all, how the hell am I a racist?  When have I ever said anything racist on this blog???  And ageist?  Where?  I invite you to show me asshole.

Not that I have to tell my steady readers but I AM NOT running the other blog.   If any of Gaga's minions come here and think that, I suggest you grab a map and look someplace else because your sniffing in the wrong place. 

CORRECTION:  The above comment was not directing toward me.  I made a mistake.  I read "that blog" as "this blog" and assumed the commenter was referring to mine.  He/she was referring to Rick's blog.  Sorry to you anonymous.  :) 

However there has been chatter on other sites that I run Rick's blog.   

January 25, 2012

'Drop the Act' Says Gaga's Boyfriend

Gaga looking normal as she leaves Kinney's beach pad

The buzz around the water cooler is that Stefani's boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, is allegedly sick of the act and alter ego and wants her to drop it.

Star Magazine is also claiming that the relationship is toxic and Stefani could "end up dead".  In addition to this, the mag is also claiming that “Their relationship is dangerous, because they completely enable each other,” adding, “They spend their time getting wasted together around the clock, drinking and doing drugs from morning till night.”

Kinney's ex girlfriend did say not too long ago that she ran into them at a restaurant where they both looked like they've been partying all night and Stefani was smoking a lot.
Star also says that Stefani and Kinney “indulged in a wild bender of binge drinking, pill-popping, bar hopping and vicious fighting” in San Diego on January 15 and 16.
The pair allegedly “started off first thing in the morning drinking vodka” at Kinney’s house, says an “insider,” who says from there they hit up two local bars, “smoking pot and popping pills along the way.”

Furthermore a source says “Taylor is a horrible influence on her because he parties just as hard as she does, if not harder.” and that "Gaga immediately gives in to him because she’s insecure. It’s pathetic.”

If any of this is true, any smart girl would know that you don't need a man who tries to change you.  He knew who and what he was getting involved with from day one.  To anyone with half a brain, you'd know that Stefani was not "born this way" but is a manufactured product that has become so entangled with this Gaga persona that I think she can't tell the difference between the two anymore.

Pictures surfaced of Stefani leaving Kinney's beach pad with him looking pretty normal.  Could it be that insecure Gaga is all talk and giving in to her man?

Or maybe he just wants her to be herself off the stage.  On stage in one thing but I would feel incredibly uncomfortable if I were a guy and my girlfriend insisted on the theatrics 24/7.  What's it like to go on a date to the movies or dinner and your girlfriend is wearing a thong with fishnets and 12 foot heels?  Not very practical is it.  

Is he being unreasonable or does he have a valid concern?

Either way, the relationship seems like a total mismatch and I personally don't see this lasting. 

Let's take a look at some past quotes made by Lady Gaga shall we.

  • I don't think I could live without hair, makeup and styling, let alone be the performer I am. I am a glamour girl through and through. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one.  
  • Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.
  • Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.
  • Your love is nothing I can't fight. Can't sleep with a man who dims my shine. 
  • Well my music was different in high school; I was singing about love—you know, things I don't care about anymore.
So, will she heed her own advice or will she chose to cling to this demon and continue this bad romance?

This song seems appropriate way to end this story.  

New Song by Purple Crush!

Another Purple Crush post!  This time with their new song 'Basic Bitch'.   I can think of a basic bitch.  Can you? I can totally shake my hips to this beat!  Check it out.

If you don't remember, Purple Crush is the band stuck in a legal battle with Gaga's former producer and ex boyfriend Rob Fusari (who was engaged at the time while involved with Stefani - sorry, had to throw that in there).

Just a little addition here.  I found this cover of 'Till The World Ends' by Purple Crush.  Now, I'm not a Britney Spears fan but this cover is anything but a pop type dance song.  It's very hauntingly beautiful.


January 24, 2012

The Rasmus - Livin' In A World Without You


I fucking love this song.

'Something Inside Me Called Freedom Came Alive'

Hi readers!  I'm posting this email sent to me from one of my loyal readers regarding the "Monster's Against Madonna" ploy.  I personally don't think they can do anything to touch Madonna so good luck monsters.....you'll need it.

This is what I was told about that stupid 'Monsters Against Madonna' shit. Radio stations will not quit playing a song just because people are (so fucking childish!) calling in saying they don't like it. Airplay is all about REQUESTS (man, I fucking died when that damn unintelligent Ricky Dickie called it 'vote') Please Read And ALL Of The Following Very Carefully!! 
If you guys SERIOUSLY l-u-v Madonna (ha! I just had to) then PLEASE do this and faithfully. This link has all radio stations - it is important you request on the ones listed under 'Top 40' - never mind the others (unless you have the time). 
Pop Radio Stations

It is mostly important to do this during the weekends - that is when they do what is called a 'rolling effect' - a song can start out with a lot of airplay the week it's released, but once the weekend hits it can drop way down and never regain a high position.

I know there are a lot of radio stations, but all you need to do is check Madge's song - at the bottom you don't need to fill all that in, just your first name and the confirmation code.
Do it for ALL the radio stations, even if you don't live in that city/state.

I had this song playing on my MP3 player as I was composing this post.  For some reason, I felt it appropriate to post here......don't know why.


Oscars Snub Elton John's Song Featuring Lady Gaga


Ouch!  This must really twist the knife deeper.  Madonna's song didn't garner a nomination either because of it's placement at the end credits.  I wonder why John's didn't?  I thought he might have been nominated.

Poor Leonardo DiCaprio.  He keeps getting screwed by the Academy every time he gives an Oscar worthy performance.  I'm convinced they have something against him.

January 23, 2012

Little Monster's Big Drama : "SO REDUCTIVE"


January 22, 2012

How to be Reductive 101


Exhibit 1: The year 1998. Madonna took part on an MTV interview/documentary where she visited the places she lived at and visited in New York when she was a struggling dancer before she got famous.

In this clip, Madonna visits the deli that was down the street where she lived with her friend Rupert Everett, where she buys some snacks. Madonna is not used to carrying cash with her, so Rupert pays, not before Madonna makes a very spontaneous, ironic joke about her being “broke” and not being able to pay, which makes for an endearing moment in the documentary, look for yourself:


How to be Reductive: Lady Gaga does a special for HBO called the Monster Ball, where she not only plagiarizes the aesthetic and the tone of Madonna’s Truth or Dare documentary, but she also goes for the jugular, not only plagiarizing the big things of Madonna’s legacy, but she also goes for the Minutiae of Madonna’s whole life.

In this clip, we can see Lady Gaga trying to force the same candid moment in the Madonna Rising documentary, but this time to serve her herculean struggle to position herself as the be all and end all of pop culture, a FAILED struggle may I add, because the moment comes across, not authentic and candid like Madonna’s, but forced, embarrassing and like the worst lie ever told, given the fact that Lady Gaga comes from millionaire parents, and DIDN’T live around the area where that deli is located, she probably never even visited it before that moment:

Exhibit 2: The Year, 1998. Same documentary. Madonna visits her old East Village apartment, the one she lived in as a struggling artist. The current tenants graciously open the door and have a lovely conversation with the former tenant of the apartment and who now is the most famous woman in the world:

The Reductive Version of Exhibit 2: Lady Gaga does a special with Anderson Cooper, and again, she tries to steal the minutiae of Madonna’s life for her own.
Fast forward to minute 9:27(unless you want to see the ego maniacal babblings of a quack) and you’ll see lady gaga revisiting her old apartment, in a carbon copy of Madonna’s spontaneous documentary, with one exception: the current tenant WOULDN’T EVEN OPEN THE DOOR FOR LADY GAGA. Lady Gaga proceeds to make up for the failed attempt at plagiarism by dramatically crying in front of the cameras, one of the most embarrassing moments in television:

Coincidence? Or is Lady Gaga a woman of such immense FAILURE, INSECURITY AND UNORIGINALITY, that she knew she could never make it as Stefani Germanotta, and couldn’t even make it with a new persona, but instead needed a persona totally recycled from Madonna? Is her obsession so low that she has spent HOURS AND YEARS gobbling on every documented Madonna moment in other to replicate it? 

Quite reductive indeed.

January 21, 2012

Lady Gaga Admits to Being a Fraud

Excerpt from an interview.  Thanks Rimzy for the link.

If you care, you can watch the entire interview HERE!


Howard Stern rips on Lady Gaga's HBO concert


One of my anon commenter posted the link to this audio file from The Howard Stern Show.  I posted this as one of my very first posts before people were really aware of Gaga Cheat.  In this vid, Stern talks about Gaga's HBO Monster Ball Concert after he watched it.  It's hysterical!  It never gets old and I have to post this again because it's just to damn good.  
Thanks for the reminder Anon!

He talked about it again the next day.  This is just as good.



January 20, 2012

Scroll down to No.7


January 19, 2012

Lady Gaga, Fairweather Friend to Gays

This was written back in May 2011 and it just goes to show that Stefani is a liar and not really sincere when it comes to her feelings for the LGBT community.  If she really was Sir Gaga of Gaymelot, why on earth would she agree to have the most important reference to gay rights removed from her song?  I'll tell you why.  Because making money, having a number one song and suckering the masses into lining her pockets trumps the supposed message behind the song.  If she really was a soldier for the gay rights movement, Stefani would've gave the big F.U. to Good Morning America, Glee and the rest of the rank and file.  

The song really is just a pandering to the LGBT community.  It lacks authenticity, emotion and depth.  The only depth attached to this song is Gaga's ego and her ego is depth-less.  Why is it the duty of the Malaysian youth to make sure her words are played on Malaysian radio when she turns into an Ostrich and sticks her head in the sand when it comes to a damn TV show!  

On February 29th, Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, will officially launch the Born This Way Foundation.  Oh, and both Gaga's parents are registered R.E.P.U.B.L.I.C.A.N.S.

I wonder what Mamma Gaga thinks about gay rights????  Or maybe this joke of a charity is just a ruse to get a tax break come April.  She's so damn transparent I'm surprised she isn't invisible yet.

Thanks Pike for the link!  

 Courtesy of Web of Deception

January 18, 2012

Lady Gaga Voice Change From 2008 to 2011


In 2008, Stefani was alive, full of energy and excitement and sounded oh so American.  Fast forward to 2011.  Stefani has become a monotone, robotic drone, void of any personality whatsoever.  You can see how she describes when she got dropped from Def Jam in two very different ways.  You can also see how pretentious and full of herself she is in 2011 just by her demeanour and mannerisms alone.  The ego has definitely taken over in a shameless way.  I've never seen the 2008 interview until now.  This "Lady Gaga" does not exist anymore.

Thank you Rimzy for sending this to me.

Lady Pretentious Strikes Again

Is this what you tell yourself when the whole concept flopped all over the place?  Turns out her new album which will be rushed out this year is heavily influenced by 80's metal bands.  Wait.....isn't that what Born This Way was?  Does she seriously think the music off Born This Way is so different that it really deserves a genre of it's own?   Honestly, fuck off.  You're not that good Gaga.  You're not that edgy and you're not at all that different from anything else we've seen. 
If anything, you are like deja vu.  
A really bad version of what was pleasant deja vu. 


You know, I like to check what people are saying about Gaga Cheat on Twitter so I often do a search.  Anthagio thinks I'm running the Help Mother Monster blog just because we both use blogger.  That's laughable.  I think Anthagio should pursue a career in private investigation.

Oh, my thoughts......don't visit Rick's blog.  I checked it out a few times but won't anymore.  I have a hard time taking him seriously as it seems so over the top.  I highly doubt David Furnish emailed him to support his blog and he has no influence what so ever on the outcome of Madonna's, or any artist's song.  When her song comes out, vote for it if you like it. 

January 17, 2012



Reductive-(Paulo's Drumapella) by DJPAULO

 It feels............reductive.


Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Stefani's gone ahead and joined Google+.  Looks like the only thing she's good at these days is being the Queen of social media sites like Twitter.  Desperate attempt to stay relevant I see.  More fake accounts to be created just like the avalanche of fake twitter accounts that gave her 18 million followers this week.

Look What Else is Flopping

Gaga's Terry Richardson picture book, you know, the one that's was directly lifted from Madonna's own coffee table picture book, isn't doing so hot.   After the corporate Christmas rush, the over priced book has been discounted to get rid of the over abundant overstock left since the holidays.  Just like the over priced garbage left over at Barney's joke called Gaga's Workshop.

What? It's IN STOCK? You mean it didn't sell out and is completely hard to get? 

Thank you Brienna M for the links. :)

January 16, 2012

Monsters Against Madonna

Rick / LA Monster's Madonna Action Alert is spreading the word to call radio stations to denounce Madge's new song in any way possible once it's released.  Stations linked are

In addition, part of his ridiculous course of action is to have monsters everywhere leave negative comments on celebrity gossip websites stating how they used to love Madonna but her new song is awful.  Spread the word guys.  There's a buzz building about The Lady Gaga Project blog and most of it is pretty negative.  Let's keep the negative momentum going. 

Lady Gaga bigotry continues: Producer sends discriminatory tweet

The Examiner
Angelica Cruz, Chicago Civil Rights Examiner

Yesterday, this column reported on the disgust among civil rights activists at Chicago's Martin Luther King Jr. library when an anti-Madonna site filled with hateful posts (one—with the gorilla represented Madonna’s next adopted kid—was erased) was shown.

There were several bigoted email posts from supposed "little monsters" who called me a "Spic," "Dirty Mexican," and an "Illegal Pu**y." Those were actually some of the nicer posts I received. It was very heart breaking since I always considered myself a fan of Lady Gaga's as well. In fact, I have seen her in concert 3 times and have paid a lot of money to do so.

Today, a tweet from Lady Gaga’s beloved producer DJ White Shadow has made its round. The tweet reads, “Somebody needs to take their old lady medications before they are allowed to talk in public,” which obviously refers to Madonna. There are also some other harsh words.

True civil rights leaders and followers believe nobody should be discriminated against for something they are not in control of and age is one of them. Lady Gaga is an extremely talented woman who has done a lot of commendable work for gay rights. Perhaps she will speak out against the hate being spread by some of her fans and employees. We sent an email to her publicist, but have not received a response.

Elton John's Husband David Furnish Is a Bitter, Jealous Queen

John and Furnish, moments after saying Madonna wouldn't win
After the embarrassing humiliation Elton John had to endure after losing the Golden Globe to Madonna, whom he said didn't stand a fucking chance to win; his jealous husband David Furnish took to his Facebook page to further slam Madonna.

'Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!'

He continued: 'Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it's narcissism. And her criticism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is.(sic)'

I'm guessing had Elton won, the awards would have everything to do with "merit".  Additionally, if you want to talk about narcissism, look no further than your child's Godmother.  Actually, between you, Elton and Stefani, you can all produce a case study and tour around the world with psychiatric conventions.

No David, what is desperate and embarrassing is Gaga lifting from Madonna's 30+ year career in a matter of 3 years and plagiarizing her song thinking no one would notice.  What is desperate and embarrassing is your husband Elton's ludicrous display of arrogance knocked down several thousand notches when Madonna took home the award.

This is how Elton John's choice words for Madonna tie in with Lady Gaga.  It was so obvious that his bitchy tirade on the red carpet was stemming from Madge's comments about his close friend Gaga and how Elton and Furnish have a very close relationship with the serial plagiarist. 

Stefani tweeted last night, at the same time as the Globes were on:

This is her sneaky, passive aggressive way of trying to show that she didn't give a toss about the awards and was watching football instead.  But you know that she was just seething.  I wonder if she will congratulate Madonna considering she steals everything from her? 

Hey Gaga.....hey Elton......hey David.........I think you need to have your eyes checked.  Cover one eye and see if you can read this:

The look on Elton's face.................priceless.


January 15, 2012

Eat Your Words Elton John!!

Elton John got owned tonight.....by karma.   Karma came swift with gnashing teeth.  On the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, Carson Daly chatted with Elton John who's song Hello Hello with vocals featuring his friend Lady Gaga,  was nominated for Best Original Song, along side Madonna with her song Masterpiece.  Carson brought up John's competition where he tactfully summed it up by saying:

“Mary J [Blige] might win for The Help -- Madonna hasn’t got a fucking chance.”

Carson replied with "Those are fighting words!" with Elton saying "No, those are accurate words".

When Madonna came across Carson Daly just moments later, he told her Elton had just been by where Madge responded 'Was he wearing a dress?'.  Then when told of his comment she answered back 'May the best man win".


Guess who won?  M . A . D . O . N . N . A .

You were saying Elton?

Oh check out Elton's face when Madonna made her acceptance speech.  What's that about Madonna being irrelevant monsters?  What? WHAT???? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!  Hmph


It's worth mentioning that Elton and Gaga are very close.  She is the Godmother to his child and they are working on a duet together for Gaga's rushed album, which you know is just gonna suck.

Congratulations Madonna!!!!

Here's the song Masterpiece from her film W.E.

Oh yeah, can't forget footage of the actual WIN!  I hope Elton DVR'd it.

Little Monster's Big Drama: "Judging is SO NOT GAGA"


Thanks for the shout out!

Gaga's Haus No Better Than Fans

Two members of Gaga's Haus have taken to Twitter in response to Madonna's comments on Born This Way.  One being DJ White Shadow who produced Born This Way.  

Clearly someones fragile little ego is bruised by the truth.

Tell that to Madonna and EVERYONE WHO HAS EARS!!!!  Being a producer, someone, anyone in Gaga's camp working on this pandering track should have recognized the extreme similarities.  Heck, Stefani should have recognized it herself.  Although, I'm sure they did.

Lady Starlight, Stefani's close friend who also helped design the package of Lady Gaga tweeted this.

The video in question?

Thanks Royal Lioness!!  I saw the DJ tweets yesterday so I'm a little late posting this.

My tweet....

Oh and this....

That's right.  Gaga said that Madonna emailed her to say she supports the song immediately after she performed it for the first time at the Grammy Awards. 

Show us the email!!