September 25, 2012

Proof that Lady Gaga's anti-bullying message really works!

Meet Perry Meek. 

Perry Meek is the in-house fashion designer for the Faux Haus of Gaga and is obviously very close to her.  He's so close to her that you would think he would be one to help spread her anti-bullying message.  Or at the very least be an example.  Or just shut up.  But that is not the case, nor has it been the case with many people that are close to Gaga.  The truth is that Lady Gaga surrounds herself with some of the snarkiest, cattiest bullies of them all.  If they can show their true colors by tweeting stuff like this


then who knows what they say amongst themselves in Gaga's company.  Maybe Lady Gaga even joins in the fun.  I wouldn't doubt it since she is the ultimate hypocrite and after all, you are the company you keep.

Perry Meek's tweet calling Madonna an old hag coincides with Caca launching Body Revolution 2013, which is basically a post on where Gaga continues to whine about  struggling with her weight growing up and another reason to post pictures of herself in a thong.  Apparently these posts are going to cure the poor body image virus that has infected teens worldwide have.  *Poof*

Thank you Amen-Madonna and Oliver for sending this to me.

This is one of the pictures Lady Gaga posted online for Body Revolution 2013 to help spread a "be proud of your body" message.  Yet, she is sucking her stomach in.

Jesus Christ!  If she's posting pictures of herself claiming she has a weight problem and brands this as 'fat', what the hell are all the actual overweight girls going to think???  Her make up artist posted this picture of herself too.

Honestly, if these two are going around saying they're fat or gained weight, they are only going to give other girls a more serious complex.  These two are not fat.  They look healthy.  Yes Gaga gained weight and I made fun of her but she is not fat.  I repeat, not fat.  This is really irresponsible.  The girls who are actually obese are going to fucking kill themselves if these two nimrods think they're fat!  Gaga....go  You can preach about being proud of your body when you don't post a picture of you sucking your stomach in or shoving your ass in a thong in our face. 

She also says she wants people to "breed some mother fucking compassion" - her words.  Maybe she should start by not wearing fur coats.  Or do animals not matter because they fall into the "fashion" or "art" category?  Of course they don't matter!  If they did then that would mean she couldn't wear them anymore!  What a cherry picker huh!  Bitch.