May 1, 2012

Lady Gaga and Fur: More Hypocrisy and Lies Exposed

Do you remember when Lady Gaga protested the use of fur by wearing this?

  "I thought it was commentary on not wearing fur, because I hate fur and don't wear fur"
-- Lady Gaga --

After coming under fire by PETA for wearing the Jana Sterbak meat dress rip off, Stefani signed an anti-fur campaign along side other artists such as Pink and Mariah Carey. 

How very noble of her.  It seems she had a change of heart or she is just a lying, no good hypocrite.  Pictures such as these started popping up.

Now, I don't know for sure if the fur in the pictures above are fake but if they are then why is Stefani using designers such as Armani, Versace and Moschino to design her costumes on the Born This Way Ball Tour.  Armani, Versace and Moschino are designers that use fur.

How can you possibly be against fur yet engage the services of the slaughter fashion houses that she's employed?  Just further proof that Stefani is a fake and fraud. 

Lady I Hate Money and I'm so Lower East Side went on to say "It's been my life's dream to be dressed in Italian designers."

Really?  That's a life dream of someone who hates money?  Should that even be a life dream? This further shows how Stefani is a materialistic, insecure and shallow individual who's totally consumed by appearances and being validated by "names".

Someone who hates money does not care for these things yet Gaga does and she supports the slaughter of innocent animals for her vanity and fashion.

This is what the lying sack of shit supports.

A fox being electrocuted through the Anus for its fur and a skinned fox for his fur.

Dogs in cages used in the Chinese fur industry.
Most fur is made in China and no doubt these so called high end fashion designers are getting most of their fur there.  The problem is that the fur is mislabeled as rabbit, fox or mink when the consumer is really wearing man's best friend. 

When you see the above pictures, how can anyone with a heart, no, a soul, think this is acceptable!  It is not, no matter what the animal is.  Only sick, demented, cold hearted, materialistic, shallow people accept this.  A caring, compassionate person would be sickened by this.  Fashion would not and should not supersede what is torturous and cruel.  This is not an opinion, it's a fact.

Dogs being skinned alive for fur.  For the fashion Lady Gaga supports by using designers that use fur.

If you think fur is OK, you're an asshole.  That is an opinion.....and get the fuck off my blog.

For a complete list of designers that use fur, click HERE.

If you want to respect something, respect the Green Hill Occupiers in Montichiari, Italy.  Green Hill is an American company owned by Marshall BioResource, a pathetic company which breeds animals, including dogs for laboratory research. 

On April 28th, 2012, over 1000 protesters marched up to Green Hill in the Italian countryside and found a breach in the fence, broke in and rescued 30 Beagles doomed to misery.  Thousands remain.  The protesters formed a human chain and passed each dog until they reached the fence and were handed over the barbed wire and given to people waiting on the other side.

It's been confirmed that several of the Beagles have already had their vocal chords cut. 

This group of people have hearts and embody compassion and love.

Click HERE to see the pictures.  Here's a video of the amazing event.  Sorry, it's in Italian.


And here's a video of 5 of the rescued Beagles that are now safe from harm thanks to these amazing people.


Puppy victory!

Lady shit and die.  Then click HERE.

To's a list of designers and clothing manufacturers that do not use fur.