November 30, 2011

Grammy Nominations

So, Stefani's crappy album Born This Way made it into The Album of the Year category.  How I don't know how this is possible since every song except for the title track flopped.

I'm hoping it's because the The Recording Academy purposely set her up against Adele's 21 to lose. 

She's up against Adele. Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Rihanna.  

She also made it into Best Pop Solo Performance for You and I.  I guess falling off pianos at the MTV Awards and a cringe worthy "Jo Calderone" performance earned her that nom.

Born This Way did not make Record of the Year or Song of the Year. So how does the whole album make Album of the Year and the title track doesn't even get nominated in these two categories? It makes no sense to me.  

Kanye West leads with 7 nominations.  Adele, Bruno Mars and Foo Fighters are tied with 6.  Stefani has 3 in total.

Who do you think will win?

Full list here at
Look what's on sale!!!!

November 29, 2011

Gaga Screws Born This Way Jacket Designer

Looks like Stefani's been eating some more hypocrite soup!  See this jacket.....

This jacket was designed for Stefani by Tom Tom Fashions.  Tom Tom Fashions is pissed that Stefani has replicated the jacket and is selling it in her official store as official merchandise without giving any credit to the original designer.  In fact, she is trying to turn a profit by RIPPING OFF from someone else, AGAIN, and denying that person the ability to earn their keep.

Tom Tom Fashions took their personal Facebook page to address the issue.  Reportedly he's asked Stefani's fans not to buy the fakes, for obvious reasons.

Here's the fakes that Stefani ripped off from Tom Tom.

What was that Gaga?  Come again?  What? Oh!  Yes, we know, you don't care about money.  What?  Oh, you support young artists?  Yes, yes, we've heard that before as well.  What?  I know, I know, you're not ripping another artist off by trying to turn a profit off someone else's work.  We know you would never do that.

Oh, by the way......Marry the Night FLOP!

Lady Gaga chats about her bad romances. Maybe the problem is her oversharing in the press? | The Music Mix |


Oh, Lady Gaga. I love you, but do you ever have an inner monologue?
Wrapping up her year of flirting with overexposure, Lady Gaga has given an interview to Vanity Fair, and instead of talking Born This Way and bullying, she decided to get personal in a different way and discuss her relationships, or lack thereof, with men.

She told the magazine, “I have this effect on people where it starts out good. Then, when I’m in these relationships with people who are also creative, or creative in their own way, what happens is the attraction is initially there and it’s all unicorns and rainbows. And then they hate me.”

Interestingly, in her recent Thanksgiving special, Gaga shared that in her very public life, the one thing that is off-limits is her personal relationships (She’s reportedly dating Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney). I guess that decision didn’t extend to trash-talking exs.

“Perhaps it’s a whose-dick-is-bigger contest,” she explained. “If I go to the piano and write a quick song and play it back, they are angry with how fast and effortless it is. That’s who I am, and I don’t apologize for it.” (considering the quality of her music and lyrics, this makes sense. Born this Way was made really fast and the laziness of it shows)

Pause real quick. I’ve solved the problem. Did she just refer to her process as ‘fast and effortless?’ I know why these guys get mad, and it has nothing to do with the creative shoes she wears to bed. It’s her lack of pah-pah-pah-poker face. It’s wonderful that she’s a confident woman, but let’s be real here: Going around talking about how naturally, amazingly gifted you are in comparison to your significant other would put a wrench in anyone’s relationship. Or maybe she just needs to date more talented guys?

SOURCE - click here to read the rest


Erin Strecker makes a very good point. Stefani has often said in interviews that her love life is off limits but here she is contradicting herself............again.  

In her recent interview with Vanity Fair, she also goes on to say:

Gaga says the weird thing is, after she’s left a few people, they’ve asked her to marry them. “How fuckin’ romantic, you asshole. Sure, pop a ring on my finger and make it all better. I can buy myself a fuckin’ ring.”

I guess it's pretty obvious that her love life is off limits EXCEPT when she's trash talking ex's.   On top of that, her comments are clearly self righteous and arrogant.  Stefani is so incredibly full of herself.  I suppose being as famous as she from ripping people off there would be an inner battle with the ego on a daily basis.  

Stefani is implying that her "talent" intimidates men.  I can hear her now, the inner voice in her head:
"Gaga, you're just too talented.  That's why men don't like you. They can't handle how great you are; and when you sit at that piano and jerk off the ivories, well forget it.  The beauty coming out of your finger tips Gaga is just too much for them to bear.  The beauty for the world and for the kingdom of your fans is the death knell to these silly boys.  That's it Gaga.  You're just too talent for them".

No, maybe it's because you're an arrogant, pretentious fuck.

And the whole "who's dick is bigger" comment is extremely shallow.  All she does is show that she's a man hater who's only good for the size of his member and how she can use it.  I wonder how Taylor Kinney feels about that comment?

Keep intimidating men with your talent Stefani.

Stefani and her dad Joe Germanotta

Is normal to pose with your father like this?  I don't know.......I couldn't do it.  It would be way too awkward.  I think it's really bizarre that she pulls him close and his face is practically in her breast.  For the love of God, have some respect.  It seems like Stefani's got a tight relationship with her dad and that's sweet and all but this is just weird.  Weird, weird, weird.  She's practically naked.  It's just not normal.  There's a line and it's been crossed here.

Oh, see the guy in the background with the long hair?  That's Stefani's ex-boyfriend Luc Carl.  The one she wrote You and I about.  I wonder what he's thinking as he watches all this? 

November 28, 2011


For Born This Way as the one of the worst albums of the year on  Click this LINK!

My Tram Experience


This video hit YouTube yesterday, taken on a tram in London.  Who ever this lady is, she's better hide and hide right now because there's going to be an army of people looking for her.   This, my friends, is a perfect example of what not to be.

Gaga Between The Covers

Do I even have to point out the obvious?
Almost 20 years after the publishing of Madonna’s controversial Sex book, Lady Gaga’s new picture book is barely causing a ripple of controversy.

The distinct lack of fanfare surrounding Gaga’s new project, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson, is far from the shock and awe that erupted when Madonna came out with Sex, photographed by a variety of artists including Steven Meisel. Yet the newer book, simply labelled “Gaga” on the cover, is filled with outrageous — even disturbing — photographs of the outrageous singer/ performance artist.

Comparisons between the two artists are inevitable. Gaga, 25, is persistently accused of being derivative of the pop icon. She even appears to look like Madonna on the cover of her new book.

Read the rest at

Oh, psssst......sneak peek to the rest of the article:

6. Sales:
Sex: Though some book stores refused to carry it, Sex sold 1.5 million copies in the first three days of sales making it the most successful coffee table book EVER.

Gaga: Indigo has already discounted the three-day old book 34 per cent. It retails online for $36.30. Amazon has also discounted the book.

Fur Wearing Bitch of the Week

An example of blood advertising

Janet Jackson.  Jackson has teamed up with fur company Blackglama to launch her own line of mink pelts, ranging from coats, gloves and hats.  Janet Jackson, a supposedly worldly woman should be aware of the atrocities these poor animals have to endure so she can make more money.  Fucking bitch.  Boycott the Jackson's.  Especially Janet.  Considering her brother, the late Michael Jackson, was such a HUGE animal lover, she should be a little more sensitive to this issue.

Former hard core Janet fan Sean Oltersdor, is so disgusted by her that he is selling his 25 year memorabilia Janet collection and donating all proceeds to PETA.   Oltersdor says:

"I am a long-time Janet Jackson fan - or I should say I used to be. I am disgusted and have decided I want to auction off my entire 25 years-plus of Janet items and donate the proceeds to Peta.

"I have three rescued chinchillas and find Janet's decision reprehensible."

He's right.  Shame on you Janet, you disgusting pig.  You should know better.  Who has some Propofol for this bitch?

Then you have this God like entity, Trent Reznor, front  man for Nine Inch Nails.  Trent is famously against the use of fur.  While there are some ignorant, money hungry celebrities douche bags such as Ms. Whackson, Trent is refreshingly one of the more enlightened, socially and ethically sensitive ones.  Hail to you Mr. Reznor.  I'm a fan and will be until the day I die.

November 27, 2011

Smart Kid!!


YouTube Video Opinion


Thanks to an Anon commenter for providing a link to this video.  FYI - the guy in the video.....he's gay.                                                                                                                                                       


They want to report me to Tumblr for hate.  Connect the dots door knobs.  Shows how smart Little Monsters are.  

You call this site "hate" because I don't think Gaga is the shit that you think she is.  This is my opinion, which I am entitled to and I am not the only one who feels this way about her.  Gaga only has her fan base and while I realize it is large, it consists of mainly the same type of teens and young adults that the Spice Girls had.  The who?  Yeah, that's right.  You don't see it now but there will be a day when the fanaticism for Gaga will fade.  Fads like this always do. 

One day, the Gaga sunglasses will come off and you'll see that some of the stuff I post here is not really all that far fetched little fucktards. 

November 25, 2011

CBS Repeats Draw More Viewers Than Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special.

Thursday was a real off-night for the major networks, probably due to Thanksgiving and the NFL football game. CBS easily topped the night with a slate full of repeats, even though both Fox and ABC aired specials.

CBS won the night with 8.43 million viewers and a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic overall, reports Hit Fix. The network kicked off the night with a repeat of The Big Bang Theory, which grabbed the night’s largest audience with 11.2 million viewers and a 3.6 18-49 rating, while Rules of Engagement came in with 7.88 million and a 2.4 19-49 rating. A repeat of Person of Interest had 8 million viewers. CBS ended the night with a The Mentalist repeat, which pulled in 7.76 million viewers.

ABC had just 5.4 million viewers overall, which was enough for second place, according to Zap 2 It. However, the network’s 1.6 18-49 rating was not enough to top Fox. ABC started the night with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which had 5.8 million viewers. A repeat of The Middle drew 4.25 million viewers, just before A Very Gaga Christmas. The pop star’s special drew 5.75 million viewers in its first half-hour, but dropped to 5.39 million in the full hour at 10 p.m. The 18-49 ratings were just as mediocre, noted TV By The Numbers. In the first half-hour, it managed a 1.8 rating, which dropped to 1.6 in the full hour. 

Fox wound up in third with 5.1 million viewers, but had a 1.7 18-49 rating. The Ice Age special drew 7.1 million viewers, while Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown started with 5.3 million viewers. That dropped in its second half hour, though to 4.6 million. A repeat of The Simpsons ended the night with 3.4 million viewers.

An off-night for everyone else means that NBC’s ratings are almost non-existent in fourth place. The network grabbed just 3.7 million viewers and a tiny 1.1 18-49 rating. They ran Horton Hears A Who!, which drew 3.4 million in the first hour and 4 million viewers in the second. A condensed version of their Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade coverage aired at 10 p.m., drawing 3.7 million viewers.


November 23, 2011

The Shit Never Ceases To Stop Spraying

If there's anything I can seriously say that I hate, it's the Kardashians.  Not even Gaga bugs me more than this crew of imbeciles.  The Kardashian PR machine is full speed ahead trying to make Kris Humphries out to be the bad guy.  Just like on the cover of Us Magazine.  The truth comes out it says.  Oh reeeeeeallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I've never watched their show or contributed one cent to anything that would make them richer but this really irkes me.  Apparently "sources" are saying that Kris was abusive toward Kim.  Oh yeah, what sources?  The Kardashians of course!!  Who else!  The way they condescend to the public thinking that we're stupid enough to buy their shit by the shovel full is appalling. It's so unbelievably transparent.  Then you've got douche bags like Pigrez Hilton and TMZ who are clearly being paid off by this disgusting family to bash Kris Humphries.  I hate them all.   If I was given only two decisions...

a.) spend a day with the Kardashians watching episodes of their show back to back


b.) cancer

Guess which one I'm picking?  Yup, cancer.

Nice try Kim you Kunt. The public backlash against you was so severe that there's nothing you or your kunty family can do to make yourself look good.   Just go kill yourself please.
The Whole of Planet Earth

But Barney's Priced Them!! Wah Wah Wah!

She signed on the dotted line with Barney's didn't she?  Everyone knows how crazy expensive they are and you can bet her life she does as well.  Stefani could've created her own little Christmas workshop and sold the items for whatever priced she wanted, as cheap as she wanted BUT she gets involved with one of the most insanely expensive departments stores in the world. 

Delusional little you really think Gaga is that naive to not know ahead of time how expensive her crappy trinkets would cost?  Wake the fuck up.

November 22, 2011

Gaga has officially crossed over into the cheese realm.  I don't know about you but I don't want to say the word "gaga" and "holiday" in the same sentence. Fuck off.

Is that real fur she's wearing?  Wasn't the purpose of her Kermit the Frog outfit to protest against the use of fur? Hypocritical, cherry picking skank. 

Gaga Ripping Off Again? Noooooooo

Apparently songs aren't the only things Stefani likes ripping off.  Trademark toys also fall into the "anything goes" category.  Last night, Lady Sticky Fingers launched the opening of her Gaga's Workshop at Barney's in New York, where she confuses Christmas with Halloween.  Wanna know what she jacked now?  Ok, fine, I'll tell you.

Stefani and Barney's are selling a Monster Plush Toy set for $95.

Monster Plush Toy Set - yes, this is $95

Hmmm, I wonder if Ugly Dolls LTD has seem the amazing, coincidental similarities to their product which has been around since 2004 according to their Pretty Ugly LLC copyright notice.  Wanna see their product?  OKAY!

That's kinda the pot calling the kettle black since Gaga likes to go all ambulance chaser crazy when it comes to her own trademark.  Remember the Lady Goo-Goo nonsense?  I think I'm going to email Ugly Dolls and inform them about the knock offs at Barney's.  If you want to email them as well, the email is .

Here's the hideous Gaga spider from inside the workshop.

Someone should tell Stefani that spiders have eight legs. 

Gaga Comes Up Empty Handed at AMA's

The American Music Awards came and went and Stefani was nominated in three categories in pop or rock music, none of which she won
  • Artist of the Year (Winner: Taylor Swift)
  • Best Female Artist (Winner:  Adele)
  • Best Album (Winner: Adele)
Talk about a snub!  Then we have Pigrez Hilton who we all know is on Stefani's payroll and has his head shoved so far up her ass that they've kinda morphed into The Human Centipede.

Pigrez loves to go on and on about his "wifey" and how amazing she is; how epic she is; how she slays everything. Not this time.  It seems to be, by reading this POST, that Pigrez is feeling a little bitchy that Adele won three awards and his wifey none.  

He posts the "complete" list of winners and neglects to mention two of the three awards Adele won AND he claims that Taylor Swift won the most when in fact she is tied with Adele.  Does he have a problem with Adele and that she kicked Stefani's ass out of the circle of relevance? Seems to be that he does.

Album of the decade....LOL.

November 20, 2011

Gaga Denies Feud With Madonna

Dean Piper and Lady Xerox
According to her anyway, there's no feud. Stefani was speaking with celebrity gossip blogger Dean Piper (currently the celebrity and entertainment columnist for The Sunday Mirror). The first thing GagMe wanted to address was Madonna and she had this to say about a feud between them:

“Madonna is a wonderful ­influence on me. I feel blessed to have grown up with a ­powerful, blonde woman to show us the ropes. It’s all down to her that I’m able to do what I do. I really like her new single too. The one that was leaked. There’s no problem between us.”

How does this prove there is no feud?  It doesn't.  Stefani may claim that she's OK with Madonna but it sure as hell doesn't seem like Madonna is OK with her.  Of course Stefani is OK with her!  She steals everything from her!  Why wouldn't she be OK with Madonna.  It's a very one sided point of view or she's in complete denial about Madonna's feelings toward her.  I guess she wants us to believe that because she likes Madonna's new demo song, that should be proof enough that there isn't a feud. 

Lady Who?  Maybe she needs to watch that video.  I think it's pretty clear where Madonna stands on this whole debauchery pathetiqué called Lady Gaga. 

November 18, 2011

Gaga "Inspired" By "Give It 2 Me"?

Ok, so I've heard from some of you in the comments and I read on random sites on the world wide web that Stefani's performance at the Children In Need concert in Manchester was heavily "inspired" from Madonna's Give It 2 Me look.  So I did a little digging and lookie at what I found.  What do you think?  Reaching or some real "inspiration" going on here?

Here's Stefani's performance of Marry the Night and then the Queen showing how it's really done.



Oh and just for awesomeness purposes.....

Frances Bean Cobain wearing a Madonna t-shirt
fuck yeah!

Richardson and Gaga

The release of Stefani's rip off of Madonna's SEX book is just around the corner and little monsters everywhere are practically wetting their diapers waiting for this piece of junk, photographed by sexual predator and pervert fashion photographer Terry Richardson.  

In this video, we have Stefani reading the introduction from her book to her fans, as if she is reading to a kindergarten class.  She might as well be, truthfully.  Note the slight fake English accent ala Madonna style. This is typical Stefani style, using big words to sound profound and deep and so desperately artistic but you have no clear idea what the fuck she is trying to say.  As per usual, Stefani appears to be dead in the face, with a monotonous voice devoid of any personality to her demeanor at all.  She's like a robot.  She slaps her book and says "it's amazing".  Shut up.

As she opens the book, she looks awkwardly to the side, off camera seemingly at someone, as if she has no idea what to do next and is looking for reassurance.  She does this a few more times throughout the video. You'll also notice that she often looks above and over the camera opposed to directly in it.  Stefani says that "if we're lucky, Terry will teach you something profound about yourself".  Oh really?  Would that be during or after he shoves his penis in your ass while you're wearing fairy wings during a photo shoot?  Maybe it's Terry Richardson she is looking at off camera, who's waving his penis around giving her a threatening look that if she doesn't good job, he's gonna slap her across the face with it. 

Then Stefani says "To say he or I make people uncomfortable is spot on" and "it's unique to Terry and his subjects that there are no limitations".  Damn straight girl!!  You THINK you make people uncomfortable but what you're actually seeing is them feeling embarrassed for you and your try hard ways.  Terry has no boundaries when it comes to his subjects.   If you aren't aware, Terry Richardson is notorious for taking advantage of his barely legal models.  He uses his power as a successful fashion photographer and preys on naive girls because he knows they so desperately want to make it in the modeling world.  So, he gets away with it. 

But this blog isn't really about Richardson, if you haven't noticed.  He's pig, yes for sure.  He even looks like a creepy, wiry little man who would only be beating off to his computer if it weren't for his job and fame.  What blows my mind is Stefani partnering with him for her book.  

Terry Richardson and a model - on the job.
Stefani claims to be all about bullying right. Well, isn't Richardson's sexual blackmail a form of bullying then? He's bullying and threatening them by using his leverage, and their desire to succeed as a top fashion model (aka cocaine addict) so he can fuck them.  And fuck he gets, lots of it.  

It's appalling that Stefani, Queen of the Underdogs, tolerates this abusive behavior to get into "bed" with a sexual deviant in order to release a picture book of her (ME! ME! ME!) to guessed it.....MORE MONEY! Oh, and also to stay on the Madonna path so she can be like her.  I wonder if Madonna has grounds to charge her as a stalker?

Then we have that Gaga cock sucker Perez Hilton.  When the Richardson scandal broke, Perez wasted no time posting negative press about him, as he should.  He posted several posts on his Coco Perez site.

But when his wifey, Gaga, partners up with the "photog", Pigrez's tone changes.  All of a sudden Terry becomes "Uncle Terry".  A term Richardson coined for himself and asks his models to address him that way.

Everyone knows that Pigrez is on Stefani's payroll and he's paid to write solely positive press about her and completely leaves out anything negative such as the Japan charity scandal for which Stefani has been sued.  Pigrez will never admit it but it if you visit his site, it's pretty obvious.

Knowing what Richardson has done to these girls, Pigrez now totally overlooks it because Lady Money Hungry is working with him.  Now Pigrez endearingly refers to Richardson as Uncle Terry.  

Oh, the things we over look for attention and money.

By the way, what the fuck is wrong with Stefani's eyes in the video above?  Kinda reminds me of this video:

I wonder if Stefani had some of Terry's tampon tea?

Thanks to Brienna for emailing the links to me.

November 16, 2011

Sucks To Be You Gaga

Billboard Pricing Policy, Effective November 21, 2011

November 15, 2011
By Billboard staff

Unit sales for Albums priced below $3.49 during their first four weeks of release will not be eligible for inclusion on the Billboard album charts and will not count towards sales data presented by Nielsen SoundScan.

*The rule also applies to reissued titles.
*New Holiday/Seasonal titles must meet the minimum threshold through the final week of the calendar year.
*Unit sales for albums or EPs with 8 or less tracks will not be eligible for charting if the retail price is less than the sum of the tracks on the release, multiplied by $0.39.
*Minimum pricing for a multi-disc album (not a single disc with extra tracks), where the extra disc is audio content, will be $3.49 times the amount of discs being made available.
*For digital-only deluxe editions, any extra content exceeding nine tracks would be considered the equivalent of an extra disc. Each additional 10 tracks thereafter would be the equivalent of an additional disc.

Unit sales for Digital Tracks priced below $0.39 during their first three months of release will not be eligible for inclusion on Billboard's digital songs charts.

If a retailer offering a title for less than the above stated prices is a daily reporter to Nielsen SoundScan, units will be removed for charting purposes solely for the dates in which the title was priced less than the minimum.

*If a title was priced under the minimum during a portion of the day, all sales for that title on that day will not count towards the Billboard charts unless accurate transaction data for that title during the specific sales hours can be provided to Nielsen SoundScan for verification.

If a retailer offering a title for less than the above stated prices is a weekly reporter to Nielsen SoundScan, all units for that title sold by the retailer in the week will be removed for charting purposes unless accurate transaction data for that title on the sale date(s) can be provided to Nielsen SoundScan for verification .

Please note that the minimum pricing rule would not apply to any store-wide music liquidation sales.


Cheaters never prosper.

Billboard Defends Controversy

On May 26, 2011, Billboard wrote an article titled “Editor’s Note: Why Billboard Isn’t Revising Chart Policies for Lady Gaga’s Amazon Deal.” In the article, author Bill Werde tried to deflect the controversy on Britney Spears fans. However, many in the industry accused Billboard of siding with record company executives rather than representing the music buying public.

The very next week, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way took a historic drop of 84 percent in sales. It wasn’t seen as a coincidence that the album fell after the 99 cent discount ended. Despite heavy promotion, Born This Way continued to drop in sales and is now out of the top 40. Billboard became silent about the controversy, until this week.

November 15, 2011

More Shit From Gaga's Workshop

More cheap, made in China crap from Stefani's workshop.  

$65 magnetic Gaga dress up set.

$18 Gaga acrylic rings - um, why? would? you? wear? this?

$25 candy bow sucker, made especially for the suckers that will buy this garbage.

November 14, 2011

Is it bad...

that I want Kim Kardashian to get hit by a speeding train and die?

Poll Results

So the poll results are in and Lady Gaga is worse than Casey Anthony.  Who would've thought the day would come when a pop star is worse than a baby killer. 

Trailing behind Casey Anthony is Kim Kardashian.

Happy Monday everyone!

November 13, 2011

More "Homage"?

So here we have Stefani performing Marry The Night on UK X Factor wearing some kind of headless Gaga outfit that I have no idea what the message is; and two clips of Madonna's performances of Like A Prayer and Live To Tell from the Monster Ball HBO Special Truth or Dare.


Here we have Stefani opening her performance in a Catholic confessional ala Madonna ish, sporting the whole Catholic schtick just like Madonna, again.

Can someone explain this costume to me?

Little Monsters Cry at Bullying and are Bullies Themselves

This article is a post from The Daily Mail UK.   I find it interesting that all these annoying little monsters cry and stomp their feet when one of their own commits suicide due to bullying.  They even start their own online project called Paws Up Forever; but have absolutely no shame or restraint when it comes to their Queen Bitch.  If the little hypocrites monsters feel even the slightest bit threatened that Stefani is going downhill and losing popularity, which she is, they turn to the very tactic that Stefani preaches against.


Original Source Here

Lady Gaga's fans have taken to social networking sites to attack soul singer Adele.The two women are up for the most coveted award in the music industry - to become the bestselling artist in the world.But seems the Londoner has overtaken the American pop singer and has officially sold one in 10 records this year.

Cruel: Lady Gaga's fans have made nasty jibes about soul singer Adele, pictured
Cruel: Lady Gaga's fans have made nasty jibes about soul singer Adele, pictured
Cruel jibes: Fans of Lady Gaga, right, have made horrible remarks about soul singer Adele, left

Lady Gaga's supporters, known as 'little monsters' now seem to be living up to their name by making catty jibes about Adele's weight.  It seems they are also intimidated by British singer's star power and are worried she might get more awards than the Born This Way singer.

Comfortable: Adele has said she happy with the way she looks
Comfortable: Adele has previously said she happy with the way she looks

Twitter is filled with crude jokes, one of the most popular being: 'Confirmed: Gaga will not be wearing her meat dress because she is afraid Adele will eat it.'

Mock up videos of Adele have also been made with a fake singer belting out 'I'm bootyful in my own way because Arby's (an American restaurant) makes nooo mistakes, I've got the right order, baby, I was born this weight.'
The bullying intensified after Adele was forced to cancel some recent concerts after having an operation on her vocal chords.

Lady Gaga's fans used the opportunity to say the Make You Feel My Love singer could not sell enough tickets so had to cancel instead. Both women usually sing to sell-out audiences.  An executive at Lady Gaga's record label said: 'Lady Gaga does not approve of bullying anyone for their physical appearance, it goes against everything she stands for. A tiny handful of fans may be letting her down.'

Adele's album 21 is still in America's top five after 37 weeks on the billboard chart. More than 10million copies of the album have been sold worldwide.
Lady Gaga's album Born This Way has slipped out of the Top 40, only after 24 weeks. A spokesman for Adele declined to comment.

One of the jokes going around involved Adele eating Lady Gaga's meat dress.

November 12, 2011

Buzz Around Gaga News - She Fired Laurieann Gibson

If you don't know, Laurieann Gibson is Stefani's choreographer.  She responsible for a lot of Stefani's career and image.  Rumor has it that last week, Stefani and Laurieann had a very heated argument and it ended with Laurieann telling Stefani she was suing and hanging up on her.  

The rumor mill is also saying that this, in whole or somewhat, has to do with Gibson's comment to the LA Times (from MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO).  What comment?  This one. 

"Listen, [Madonna] should be bitter because I [made Lady Gaga in her image] on purpose and you can quote me. I did it on purpose because for all those kids who believe that you can’t, I wanted to let them feel that you can."

Can what, Laurieann?  Copy? Steal? Plagiarize so they can become famous?

Apparently Gaga doesn't want to be compared to Madonna and wants to stand on her own two feet.  Well, Stefani, if any of this is true, you can point fingers toward Gibson all you want and shoulder all the blame on her but anyone with half a brain knows that you should've fucking known about everything Madonna has done career wise.  Since you claim to have studied "The Fame", pop culture and mastered it, Madonna would've fallen heavily into this category.  From the minute, no, the second you started to see similarities between your career and Madonna's, the brakes should've been hit.  What do you do?  You keep going and going and going, just like the energizer bunny and when Gibson is no longer of any use to you, you fire her and claim ignorance.  Just like you claimed ignorance when you released Born This Way and the whole damn world said Express Yourself

Screw you Gaga.  Tick Tock

My Favourite Comment of the Day

By Lady Amethyst responding to LA Monster's absurd rationalization of the insanely priced items from Gaga's Workshop at Barney's.
Lady Amethyst has left a new comment on your post "It's a Christmas for Suckers at Barney's!":

The $25 yo-yo from Gaga's Workshop. 
...LA Monster, there is no fucking way you are this stupid...I am going to pretend you were high on meds when you typed the following quotations, but will also still respond:

"25% to a worthy cause means you paid 19 dollars"
No, you *still* paid $25 whole dollars, sugar crumb...THIS AMOUNT IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE TO YOU (says it right on the site)!! It is tax deductible to BARNEY'S and GAGA!! YOU are covering this cost 100%.

"8 dollars for shipping, means you paid 11 dollars!"

Golly gee whiz holy fuckin' smokes, what a deal!! ...if you are a FUCKING MORON!!
'Tis the season, bitch. 'Tis the season of FREE HOLIDAY SHIPPING or $4.99 FLAT RATE GROUND SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA!!!! I can't believe you are this fucking stupid...The shipping rates are falling in line to compete with everyone else during the season. Nothing more. Try ordering it from Canada & see just how "giving" the shipping rates are...

"Complementry gift wrapping hmmm, I have paid at least 10 dollars at a nice shopping mall (but I did include a tip)"
You, my dear, were heavily shafted. Let's put this in perspective: You were paying $10 for the employee, supplies, taxes, etc. Basically, all of the overhead. But here's the hilarious thing when it's free: it is ALWAYS worked into the cost of the item. Don't think you're getting a deal here 'cos you most SINCERELY are not. You can't really be this dumb; my troll senses are humming off the charts here...Holy fuck do I wish I were into car sales 'cos you'd be the greatest sucker --- er, buyer of the DECADE!!! Whoever gets your business must love you as you freely hand over your cash without thinking about it!!! Additionally, many other stores are offering the gift-wrap option at little to no cost (with it worked in somewhere else, rest assured!!), so your argument is completely invalid. Do I have to repeat" 'TIS THE SEASON?"

"What is the price of the yoyo?????
P.S. tax free?????"

The price is still a solid 25 hard-earned singles. Oh, you meant the price of the actual, physical yoyo? Oh, okay: how's about approximately 10 cents each, plus probably the standard sea shipping from China (so divide the pittance of that amount by, what, 100,000 units? 500,000?) Fractions of a penny each to ship. Add to that the cost of the printing (usually done at the factory site or a secondary promotional facility, usually again still in China)

The price of the yoyo with printing (average maximum price, based on minimum 1000 count order) including shipping & custom printing works out to be no more than 45 cents each. And who the fuck knows what kind of deal they actually GOT!! They may have an even sweeter contract with the suppliers.

But at least it's fun, you say...for exactly 5 minutes until you figure out that all those neat tricks like Walking the Dog are harder to learn than you thought, so you figure the best use for the thing is as a weapon & go around smacking things with it. I think I have just saved you $25 for the yoyo experience. You're fucking welcome. Now go make a donation to an actual organization yourself/in person instead of assuming your mother monster will do it for you... Once you've seen employees of a company (who only accept cash donations for the food bank) count the cash behind closed doors without a FB rep there, well, you learn REAL FAST the true meaning of corporate charity & moreso, the folly of the human beings beind it all.

In closing: fuck you for making me think this much about wholesale & shit on a Saturday before I could attain the Holy Daily French Vanilla, and equally fuck you for honestly being this goddamned stupid when it comes to how retail sales work. A third and boistrously loud FUCK YOU for making me focus so goddamned much on yoyos.

As to the person who said yoyos cost $3 at the store - yep, $3 RETAIL price :)


November 11, 2011

Madonna's Gaga "Bedtime Story"


Buah Ha Ha Ha!


November 10, 2011

Lady Gaga says.....

Be yourself! You were born this way!  Never be afraid to be who you are! were saying?

November 9, 2011

It's a Christmas for Suckers at Barney's!

Barney's store front

The holidays are fast approaching and Barney's along with Gaga have put the final touches on her Sucker's Gaga's Workshop.  

In case you haven't heard, Lady I Don't Care About Money teamed up with expensive retailer, Barney's New York to launch Operation Money Grab, a campaign to sucker all the little monsters and parent's of little monsters to buy overpriced, ridiculous items that you will never need.  

$15 Gaga cookie
What are some of the items you say?  A $15.00 cookie with Stefani's face on it wearing her telephone hat.  A $68 chocolate skull.  Um.....what else?  Oh!!  A $95 snow globe with Stefani sitting on top of it - because you need that right.  A $65 monster claw stocking, which is fucking ugly by the way.  The cheapest are $6 chocolate Christmas ornaments and the most expensive, a $4100 pair of black shoes. 

$95 Snow Globe
Barney's, along with Stefani are deliberately preying on the mind of the stupid consumer.  In this case, her fans.  The greedy Gagmonster and the super expensive retail giant know how large her fan base is AND they know how brainwashed loyal her fans are to her.  With these two very important ingredients in place, they are able to create the ultimate chocolate sucker cake that's 50 stories high and can feed every single one of her little monsters.  

So the monster's are hungry and Gaga, their saviour, will feed them; and feed them she will, to the tune of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollar signs and they are none the wiser.  Stefani can do no wrong and that includes taking advantage of her fans by getting them to spend more money on useless crap to further line her pockets.  She just LOVES you so much little suckers!

$68 Chocolate Skull
$68 Monster Claw Stocking

Don't know what the fuck this shit is supposed to be but it's probably expensive

Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman says of the workshop, "It's the kind of space that is going to appeal to adults as well as children. It's like going to a movie that you take your children to and [you] end up loving it more than your children, and I think that's one of the great accomplishments."  

Yes, that's exactly what Freedman and Stefani are hoping for.  That great accomplishment will certainly be met no doubt.  That accomplishment will make her richer while leaving you with an added debt and a useless piece of garbage.  Mission accomplished Lady Transparent.

In order to appear that they are in touch with the 99%, Barney's and Stefani announced months back that 25% of the sales would go to the charity of her choice.  Wanna guess which charity she chose?  Wait for it...................................



It's not only Christmas season, it's also tax write off season! 

November 8, 2011

New Madonna Song Leaked!

So here it is.  Madonna's new song "Give Me All Your Love" has "leaked".  Leaked as in "on purpose." I'm sure.   I don't know if this is the demo in full or the final product.  Some sources are saying it's the demo.  If you like pop and love Madonna, the song is fun and definitely catchy.  It has a total 80's Go-Go's vibe to it combined with Madonna's vocal styling from the first era. IE: Holiday, Burning Up, Borderline.

I'm undecided on the song.  Not too crazy about the lyrics and I'm not feeling the cheerleader aspect to it.  I'll have to listen to it a few more times.  I'm definitely curious about the rest of the new album.  What I do like immensely is how the song is out a lot earlier than planned, just in time to compete against Stefani's "Marry The Night" single.  Did Madge plan that?  I bet she did that naughty girl!  Kudos to her if she did.  After all the theft and borrowing and Xeroxing Stefani's done to Madonna, the hack's been asking for it. 

Check out this lyric of the song:

"Don't play those stupid games, 'cause I'm a different kind of girl. Every record sounds the same, you gotta step into my world" 

A dig at Gaga perhaps?

Whether you like it or hate it, I hope it knocks "Marry The Night" into oblivion.  And I sincerely mean that, from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, apparently this is for the Superbowl, hence the cheer leading part and won't be the official single off the new album and it is just the demo.

Gaga Releases Perfume: So Predictable

What is it with celebrities and perfume?  Stefani's the latest in a long line of actors and pop stars releasing perfume.  Have you ever bought a celebrity perfume?  I haven't.  It's so incredibly lame and boring not to mention cliché and beyond predictable.   How so very avant garde of Stefani.  How so very "artist like".  How so very not giving a fuck about money.  How's that for inking YET ANOTHER corporate deal to generate more millions by she who dares to whisper her disdain for money.  So amazingly condescending isn't she, to actually think that there are people stupid enough to believe her lies when she is so incredibly transparent.  Oh wait, there are!  They are called "little monsters" or any Gaga fan for that matter. 

Next time Stefani, just shut up OK.  You've proven that you're a hypocrite and we all know it's not true that money doesn't matter to you when it's painfully obvious that it does.  Please do the world a favor and shut your flap or better yet, hang yourself.

Stefani announced back in 2010 that she was coming out with a perfume line and today there's chatter about what it will be called.  Rumor has it that it's called "Monster".  *yawn*

And yet in another sad and pathetic attempt to convince the world that she's always been this......

when she really was this........

Lady Manufactured This Way says she wants her perfume to smell like blood and semen.  The fuck?
This woman shouldn't be allowed to speak.  

Footnote - I know Madge is releasing a perfume as well.  I think it's lame and won't buy it.  That was just for any Stefani fans who think they can throw that around.