August 29, 2011

MTV 2011 VMAs: Lady Gaga, in drag, cannot stop mugging through Britney Spears tribute

By: Adam B. Vary at Entertainment Weekly - Entire article found here.

So, which is better (or worse)? Chris Gaines? Or Jo Calderone? Lady Gaga’s male alter ego took the the MTV VMA stage a second time to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award to Britney Spears, and for a man who opened the show complaining about the constant spotlight on Lady Gaga, he seemingly could not stop hogging it for himself.

After lauding Spears as “a pop music legend” who inspired him when he was a starving artist, Calderone offered this anecdote/over-share: “I used to hang posters of her on the wall and touch myself when I was in bed.” (Spears, for her part, found that hilarious.) Calderone then cued a well-choreographed-if-still-mildly-horrifying tribute performance by a gaggle of tween girls in Britney drag dancing to some of her biggest hits.


Did anyone else think that Stefani's opening monologue as Jo Calderone was the most self indulgent, narcissistic speech about herself ever?  It was the most awkward, cringe worthy performance I've seen.  Aside from delusional little monsters in the pit screaming, Gaga's peers looked completely dumbfounded and downright embarrassed for the copy cat.  A few quotes from "Jo Calderone" talking about Gaga (herself) (Ugh!  I can't believe I have to sit through watching this again just to get them):

"I think it's really fucking great that she's a star, a big beautiful star in the sky"

"Cause when she gets on that stage, she holds nothing back"
"That spotlight, that big, round, "something" spotlight follows her where ever she goes"

You just know that is exactly what she thinks of herself. 

In fact, she is so narcissistic that even during Britney's tribute, Stefani had to make it about her and poke her nose right in there.  Let Britney have her moment Gaga!  Britney seemed to be completely uncomfortable being up there next to Stefani and not sure what to make if "it".  Britney even rejected Stefani's attempt at a kiss stating "I've already done that", in reference to her kiss with Madonna.  Perhaps Britney's way of saying "You ain't her wannabe".  Britney has been quoted saying “It was interesting, her character,” when asked about "Jo Calderone".  We all know that's just a polite way of saying "WTF???"

Even Time Magazine wasn't impressed with Stefani's embarrassing performance and monologue.

August 28, 2011

Gaga Copies Annie Lennox!

Annie Lennox at the '84 Grammy Awards and Lady Gaga taking from her routine in 2011 at the MTV VMA's.

I called it in my post titled "Gaga's "You and I" Single Cover" on August 6th!  I CALLED IT LITTLE MONSTERS!!!  I knew she was going to go to the VMA's dressed as a man.  Back in 1984, Annie Lennox went to the Grammy awards dressed as man and performing her hit "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) in drag, causing quite the stir.  Well, Gaga goes and does it again.  The Queen of Copy Cat just jacked off one of Annie's memorable performances.  Of course, so many youngsters will think Stefani is so original because the had yet to be born when Annie gave her performance.   Stefani must think we are so stupid and have forgotten just because 30 years have passed.  There is absolutely nothing original about Stefani. Everything she does is directly taken from artists pass and with her track record of theft, this one is hard to ignore.

Here's a video of Annie Lennox's performance from the Grammy award with her then band, The Eurythmics, dressed as a man.  

Wait, there's more!  The LA Times isn't too impressed with Stefani's VMA performance either.  You can read the article right HERE!

My Thoughts For Today

Tonight is the MTV VMA's.  I won't be watching.  Why? I don't care one bit.  Why?  Because MTV hasn't been about music in a really freakin' long time.  MTV is all about reality shows and other programming but music sure as hell isn't one of it.  Being nominated or receiving an MTV Music Award Moon Man means nothing.  It's like taking home a surf board from the Teen Choice Awards.   

Whether Katy Perry cleans up tonight or Stefani wins in that lame new category "Best Video with a Message" designed specifically for her, me thinks, it makes no difference.   If I had to pick anyone to win the "Best Video with a Message" category, I'm pulling for Rise Against for Make It Stop (September’s Children). The punk band addresses teen suicides in the LGBT community and stresses the message that life does get better.  Mainly just to stick it to Stefani who decided to appoint herself the spokesperson for the gay community thus perpetuating the stereotypes with her stupid clothes, hair and lyrics combined with her unintelligent speeches peppered with big words to make her sound smart (Don't be a drag, just be a queen).  Whew, that was a run on sentence!  

With the exception of Adele, Cage The Elephant, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Beastie Boys, Beyonce (Ugh!) and Foster The People, the rest are disposable and riding on what probably is the last few years of their hype.  Do you want to know what real, raw, beautiful, poetic, lyrical magic, talent is?  Look below..........behold, your true talent.  Listen and learn. 

What you just heard here are the workings of a human being with the gift of song writing.  One who's lyrics are deep, poetic and clever. One who's lyrics and symphony of sound feeds the soul.  

"Don't Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen", "My Mama told me when I was young, we are all born superstars", "Boys, boys, boys, we like boys in cars, buy us drinks in bars", "I'm just a holy fool oh baby it's so cruel", is not song writing.  It's a ten year old writing down rhymes in a school notebook.

Lady Gaga Also Thinks Hurricane Is About Her

Is it even possible for Stefani to not make a natural disaster about her?  I guess not.  Stefani tweeted today "Thinking of NY during this hurricane, You and I are forever. Strongest place I know. Home.".  Note the plug for her latest floptastic song "You and I".  

Couldn't she just wish NYC and it's people the best without plugging herself?  Seriously.  It's fucking sickening.  Can someone please tell her that this hurricane is not about her.  Thank you.

August 26, 2011

Lady Gaga Exposed by NY Socialites She Grew Up With

Lady Gaga exposed by NY Socialites she grew up with, who say she lies about many things.
by: Rob Tencer

Lady gaga explains her passion for lying
“What I’ve discovered,”is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth—and then there’s a lie. The artist is creating his work to make this lie a truth, but I slide the lie in, amongst all the truths. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love with me.”

NY Socialites say lady gaga is a liar about almost everything.
Vanessa, goes out of her way to ask new york socialites whom lady gaga went to school with and others that lady gaga grew up with, the truth.

More often than not, her friends have a complete retelling of the history of lady gaga, far from the lies lady gaga has repeated over and over. Its these lies that lady gaga tells, to make us love her more. Does that make her lies and deceit any more palatable?

I really loved Vanessa's article, because she was very honest in her approach, satisfying the lady gaga fans while also satisfying the people who dislike lady gaga. Thank you Vanessa for getting to the truth about lady gaga's insatiable appetite for lying.

Lady Gaga secret starvation diet to become famous.
Vanessa explained about lady gaga's drug use and how lady gaga really lost all her baby fat. Vanessa seems to think lady gaga was on a starvation diet, while lady gaga says she mixed starvation with cocaine use, to lose the weight. Lady gaga said: “Pop stars should not eat” (when you hear these words and see the violent negative images purely for shock value, the parents of kids who love gaga, should think twice about allowing this person, her message and filth into their lifes) Lady gaga describes herself as growing up several sizes fatter than she is currently. (this is supported through photographs and video's) It is not clear who pushed starvation on lady gaga. Was it was the record companies who demanded the weight loss, or some boyfriends, or what America demands of its celebrities. What is clear is that lady gaga is unhealthy with her starvation diet, and may die prematurely because of exhaustion.

Lady Gaga sexuality and the lies to shock people
New York socialites that went to school with lady gaga said she was not a lesbian, and was very into guys. Vanessa goes further once again to say that lady gaga was into dressing like guys. To be more exact, she liked to dress like guys who dressed like girls. transvestites in heavy makeup.

Lady Gaga had no style of her own
Vanessa interviews lady gaga's friends she grew up with, that said she has no style and that unlike madonna, she kept missing her breaks in life. vanessa said people were actually embarrassed at the way lady gaga dressed in sweats. Gaga wasn’t into fashion at this point: She liked leggings and sweatshirts, maybe with a shoulder out. “A couple times, she came to the studio in sweatpants, and I said, ‘Really, Stef?’ ” says Fusari. “ ‘What if I had Clive Davis in here today? I should call the session right now. Prince doesn’t pick up ice cream at the 7-Eleven looking like Chris Rock. You’re an artist now. You can’t turn this on and off.’ ”

Does lady gaga have real opinions that hurt?
While lady gaga plays down her dislikes, and only talks about love, happiness, fun and games, it was Vanessa who got the real girl behind lady gaga to reveal I don’t like Los Angeles,” she told me. “The people are awful and terribly shallow, and everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to play the game. I’m from New York. I will kill to get what I need.

Lady Gaga and the stage voice for public speaking
Vanessa, goes in depth about this game that lady gaga plays, and says that lady gaga has a stage voice which is different than the real lady gaga, however it was early in lady gaga's career and she has since learned to only show the game. As we began the conversation, Gaga spoke carefully in a very odd accent—some combination of Madonna as Madge and a robot, an affect enhanced by the fact that she refused to remove her lightly tinted sunglasses over the course of two hours. As we began the conversation, Gaga spoke carefully in a very odd accent—some combination of Madonna as Madge and a robot.
Lady Gaga explains why she lies so much
lady gaga said: “What I’ve discovered, “is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth—and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love.”
Was Lady Gaga from a wealthy NY socialite family or middle class new york family?
lady gaga tells lies to further her mystique, and she even said so, which is why we have good reason to question her made up stories of how she grew up, and if she was in fact a privileged new york socialite trust fund kid? To hear lady gaga explain how she went to an upper class new york private girls school, may not be accurate of how she really attended, because her classmates refute many of the stories / lies. One of the lies is lady gaga describing herself as not fitting in, and an outcast, while her classmates describe her as a very popular girl in school.

What is the truth about Lady Gaga's parents wealth?
Did Stefani Germanotta really grow up in a duplex on the Upper West Side? Was Stefani Germanotta's father just a computer installer who ran a company that installed Wi-Fi in hotels? (Wi-Fi is a fairly recent phenomenon, and only required a router and antenna, connected to a high speed connection.) Was Stefani Germanotta's mother an employee at Verizon. Were the parents really working class people with low level jobs, who sacrificed to send their children to a good school, or does it just make for a great background story? knowing lady gaga, it sounds all made up
How did Stefani Germanotta really get into sacred heart private girls school?
Sacred Heart, is a small Catholic girls’ school up the street from the Guggenheim. “Sacred Heart may have been prestigious, but according to Stefani Germanotta, "there were lots of different kinds of girls,” says Gaga. “Some had extreme wealth, others were on welfare and scholarship, and some were in the middle, which was my family. All our money went into education and the house.” whats the truth? what are the lies?

Lady Gaga furthers the little poor girl angle
once Stefani Germanotta started the lie of a poor little girl angle, she had to continue the theme of how important material items are to her, and how much she covets what she could never afford. Lady Gaga tells a poor girl story, of being the only student with a job after school, as a waitress at a diner on the Upper West Side. With her early paychecks, she bought a Gucci purse. “I was so excited because all the girls at Sacred Heart always had their fancy purses, and I always had whatever,” she says. “My mom and dad were not buying me a $600 purse.” Vanessa had no answers during her interview of Stefani Germanotta true family stature and wealth.
Lady Gaga fabricates her outcast personality
in being interviewed thousands of times, lady gaga begins to develop a fabricated story of being bullied and classmates calling lady gaga names like "the germ". lady gaga claims it was all about Jealousy, when she said:" jealous older girls began calling her “the Germ.” “They always talked behind her back, like, ‘Gross, she’s the Germ! She’s dirty!’ ” Gaga has often mentioned that she was an outcast in high school, but other than adolescent shenanigans like these, her friends do not share this recollection. “She was always popular,” says Julia Lindenthal, Marymount ’04. “I don’t remember her experiencing any social problems or awkwardness.”
Lady gaga gets her first tattoo at age 15
lady gaga had her first tattoo: a G clef on her lower back. (“Before I made my first big music video, I decided to turn that tattoo into a huge side piece,” she says. “I just couldn’t face the world with a tramp stamp.”)
Before lady gaga's starvation diet she had big breasts
“At that time, my breasts were much bigger, and firm, and delicious.” (Another high-school nickname: Big Boobs McGee.) but then she started to starve herself and do drugs, and she lost the big boobs.

Theft of iconic pop stars
Besides stealing iconic images from david bowie, liza minelli and even hiring the creative team behind madonna's iconic video's, lady Gaga channeled Andy Warhol. She stole his iconic round black glasses and his wigs, and started talking like him. “It’s as if I’ve been shouting at everyone, and now I’m whispering and everybody’s leaning in to hear me,” she says. “I’ve had to shout for so long because I was only given five minutes, but now I’ve got fifteen. Andy said you only needed fifteen minutes.”
How many friends and helpers did gaga dump to become famous?
The bitterness of friends lady gaga once counted, turned sour when she dumped them. Its not that she reinvented herself without them, its that she has a cruel and mean streak, and cannot be trusted. With her new lies, came a new circle of friends. She started her own Andy Warhol styled Factory, or the “Haus of Gaga,” as she likes to call her entourage. There’s Ã…kerlund; Gibson; her manager, Troy Carter; and the core team of stylist Nicola Formichetti and her primary collaborator Matt Williams, an art-school graduate whom she calls “Dada” (they have dated on and off during the past couple years).

After a couple charted hits the fashion designers came knocking
In May 2009, after lady gaga released “Paparazzi,” a seven-minute video—thrown off the top of her mansion by her boyfriend, she’s reborn as the robot from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis—she became the haute-fashion world’s pet. “Gaga had some archival pieces from Thierry Mugler, but after ‘Paparazzi,’ everything changed,” says a former member of the Haus. “It happened in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, every fashion designer in the world was e-mailing her images.”
Wigs make great drama
lady Gaga figured out if she copies andy warhol with wearing wigs, she could become dramatic to the press and interesting to the public. If she could steal the lightning bolts from david bowie's face makeup, and the wigs he wore, she would look different. After all, it was from the seventies and none of her young audience ever saw anything like it before. The theft from iconic superstarsd, becomes lady gaga's trademark.
Lady gaga says anyone can do what she has done
Vanessa writes:"It’s an unlikely rise, and an unlikely name, and a totally unreal image. Lady gaga comments “I believe that everyone can do what I’m doing. I’m just a girl from New York City who decided to do this"

While reading the story from new york magazine, I realized that lady gaga must have been reading the rob tencer public relations how to guides, which are almost word for word on how to become a famous socialite. In the how to guides, rob tencer explains how to talk differently, how to walk differently, how to dress using props, how to control a room and direct all the attention to yourself. while in most wordpress blogs, you can change the date the post was made, in google blogger, you cannot change the date. Some of my other proof was destroyed when was hacked and the site was deleted, before its reincarnation.
I don't take the credit for lady gaga, or even simulate that I had anything to do with her. Using whatever angle is necessary to become famous is all I ever preach, without causing harm to yourself or others. I also believe it does not matter what you look like, fat or thin, tall or short, or what you sound like. everyone can become famous, if they figure out their talents and let the world know about them. Lady gaga has a real talent for singing, and this talent has not even been on display, besides the youtube videos of some pre-gaga performances.

I'm Honored! A YouTube Hate Video Made About Me!

                                                                                                                                                                                                  A little monster recorded a YouTube rant about me.  I guess since she posted it on the Internet, she won't mind if I post it here.  It's obviously meant to be seen, right!  Thanks for the shout out little one!

August 25, 2011

Lady Gaga at VMAs: 7 Ways She Can Still Shock Us

Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:38am EDT
Lady Gaga will open Sunday's MTV Music Video Awards, but she's going to have a hard time surprising us. There just aren't many places she can go after wearing a meat dress to last year's VMAs and arriving for the Grammys in an egg.
Still, there are a few ways she could still catch us off guard. Here are eight of them:

1. Duet With Fred Phelps. What better way to bring Gaga's sizable gay following and the homophobes of Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church together in perfect harmony? At the very least, it'd spark a mass reaction of "Ra-ra, wha-tha-fa--?!!?"

Also read: Lady Gaga's Give Most Outrageous Moments (So Far)

2. Accuse Madonna of stealing her act. Because you have to admit, they're kind of similar.

3. Devour a human infant. Gaga's charitable work for a variety of causes is well known. Could there be a better way to draw attention to the problem of world hunger? (Special thanks on this one to Jonathan Swift.)

4. Openly taunt Oprah about this.

5. Ask "Glee" to cool it with using her songs, and tell them it got a little out of hand last season.

6. Tape together Sinead O'Connor's picture of the Pope.

7. Two words: Placenta dress

Original article by Reuters.

Cher + Gaga Duet.............Thoughts?

                                                                                                                                                                        The lyrics, the melody, the arrangement, all of it just sucks and I just know this song is going to be terrible.

Just by reading the lyrics alone, the words "sappy", "cheesy", "amateur", "corny", "mushy," and "over-sentimental" come to mind.   The lyrics reminds me of the sappy girls I knew from high school who would make that puppy dog face, put their hand on their heart and scream "awwwwwwwwwwwww" whenever a slow song played on the radio or school dance.  Or when they would attempt to write poetry and it was always so gay and sappy........barf.   The poems were never deep or intense or clever, it was always dumb.  Just like the lyrics and arrangement to this song.

I can't even imagine what Cher's voice next to Gaga's will sound like.  Cher's acting is superb, fantastic.  She's one of the best actors ever in my opinion.  Her music?  Meh....cheese.  It doesn't surprise me one bit she chose this song.  I'm going to listen to it when it first comes out but I doubt I'll make it through the first 30 seconds.

Have you heard the clip above yet?  Auto tune much?
Here's a little snippet of The Greatest Thing.

I don’t know why you’ hurt, inside,
or what was said to make, you, cry.
I hope, that you can see,
you are the greatest thing to me.
And when, you’ feeling like you’re not enough.
I’ll give you wings, I’ll lift you up.
I hope, that you can see,
you are the greatest, greatest thing to me.

Ugh!  My stomach doesn't feel so good.  Where's the toilet!!!!  Not gonna make it!!! BARF!!!!!!

August 24, 2011

An In Depth Essay On Mother Monster

UPDATE:  This is a repost.  I'm getting tons of hits from little venomous monsters who are going completely nuts.  I suggest you read this very thorough essay about Lady Gaga done right HERE!

It delves into her personality, characteristics and what makes her tick.  This essay, written by Alex Knepper, is very intelligent and well researched.  

Look!! Another Story How Gaga Shows Us How She Doesn't Care About Money

Stefani is rumored to be in talks with her little freshman sister to launch their own clothing line. According to Grazia magazine it's true.  Yes, because Stefani and her sister are experts in this field, right.  Stefani has already proven that she's not original and steals from others, her sister Natali has to follow suit like the good little puppy dog she is.  The idea is to "remodel (steal) the styles of classic icons from the past, for example, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Katherine Hepburn" but with a modern touch.  More unoriginality posing as something ground breaking! Wow!  No doubt those lovely, classy, iconic Hollywood legends are turning over in their grave at the idea of Stefani and her sister creating this debauchery of a clothing line based on them.

Stefani really loves to blab on and on about how money means nothing to her but does nothing to back up her claim.  In fact, she does the exact opposite.  How so?  Well, Barney's Christmas campaign, 0.99 cent deals, cahoots with Best Buy and Starbucks and now her very own clothing like for the Haus of Gaga.  If there is such a thing as a walking, talking, tangible definition for the word hypocrite, we just found it in Stefani.


August 21, 2011

The Music Charts

On the Billboard 200 chart, Born This Way is at No.18 and I'm pleased to report that Foster The People's "Torches" is at No.15, ahead of Stefani and it's also a title with the greatest airplay and sales gains this week.  

Stefani's latest single "You and I", which forecasts aren't smiling favorably upon, fails to appear in most of the iTunes Store Top 10 charts except at No.7 in New Zealand and "Edge of Glory" at No.10 in Switzerland.   The single also doesn't turn up on the Billboard 100, Digital Songs or Radio Songs.

UPDATE (Aug 22 1:30 pm)  You and I is a re-entry on the Billboard 100 at No.96. It's been on the charts for two weeks and it peaked at No.36. 

See how the song is charting right here.

August 18, 2011

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

Grace Jones and Lady Gaga

The singer/model/actress and all around legend told the newspaper that the reports were true – Gaga had asked to collaborate with her — but Grace turned Gaga down.

“Yes, she did, but I said no,” Grace said. “I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”


Lady Gaga: I Don't Give A Fuck About Money......Really, I Don't.

If that were true Gaga, then shouldn't you be shopping at goodwill instead of owning fourteen pairs of these?  Without money, you couldn't own all fourteen pairs.  Without money, you wouldn't have been able to ink a deal with Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana.  What deal you say?  The exclusive deal between Stefani and Tatehana to make sure no other musician buys his shoes except for her.  

So much for not wanting that money in your hands. I mean, who needs to put all that money in their hands when they can put it on their feet instead! Or at Barney's.

August 16, 2011

Quelle Surprise! Ooh La La.....Mon Dieu!

Jean Paul Gaultier's cone bra corset, designed for and worn by Madonna

 In the not too distant past, French designer Jean Paul Gaultier sat down with Celia Walden of the Telegraph UK fashion section.  For those who don't know, Gaultier designed the famous conical corsets and bras for Madonna's 1990 Blond Ambition concert tour, along with the rest of the costumes.  The corsets he designed that year for Madonna's world tour now rank alongside Marilyn Monroe's white halter-neck dress and Audrey Hepburn's black Givenchy LBD in fashion iconography.

The interview touches on several different areas of his life.  One of those areas is his opinion of Lady Gaga.  So what does le couturier extraordinaire have to say about Stefani?  Listen up monsters. Gaultier's exact words:

"I think she's talented and very inpolitically incorrect, which I love. But I also think that she read up on Madonna's life and learnt it like the Bible."

Thank you fine sir.  

You can read the entire article right here.

More On Gaga, Gaultier Collaboration

Stealing from Madonna yet again
A short clip has been released from Stefani's upcoming documentary with designer Jean Paul Gaultier "Gaga by Gaultier".  Once again, she has blatantly stolen from Madonna's past career moves.  In my previous post about the Gaga/Gaultier association, I called it that Stefani's costumes for her upcoming tour will be designed by Gaultier - just like Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" tour.  The picture below is Stefani and Gaultier discussing possible future stage creations.  She also channels the Madonna / Gaultier relationship in a photograph of her being spanked by the designer, just like Madonna was.  Stefani tries to take it one step further by dressing as a nun and Gaultier as a priest.  Again, the Madonna religious "influence".  Please, Madonna, if you can hear me, will you do something about this thief.  Enough is enough.

I guess we will find out in the upcoming months whether Gaultier will indeed design the costumes for Stefani's tour. The similarities between Stefani and Madonna are more than plenty and practically identical.

Stefani and Gaultier discussing upcoming stage fashions

More info from The Daily Mail UK.

August 15, 2011

It's a Lady Gaga Christmas At Barney's

The print to be used on the Barney's shopping bag
Barney's New York has called on Stefani to create her own interpretation of Santa's Workshop for it's 2011 Christmas Campaign.  The entire fifth floor at Barney's on Madison Avenue will be given to Stefani to use as her workshop so more suckers can buy her corporate holiday products.

Stefani's stylist, Nicola Formichetti, is designing a range of limited-edition small gift items available exclusively at Barneys.

Nothing like collaborating with a huge corporate retail company like Barney's to sucker more people into spending their money on crap that's targeted at the gullible Gaga fans to generate revenue solely for Barney's.  I'm sure Stefani isn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart to bring some holiday cheer to New York.  I'm sure she is getting a generous percentage of sales.  Corporate manipulation aided by someone who claims not to give a fuck about money.  Muah muah muah muah ma!

Are you able to read her poker face now?  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Update: 25% of the sales will be donated to a charity of Stefani's choice.  Why not donate 70% then, or 50%.  The 25% being donated is YOUR money, not hers. Even still, it's a partnership with a corporation which goes against the very grain of someone who claims to not care about money.  Or the very grain of a true artist.  Stefani is at the top of Forbes list of highest earners.  Donate it yourself.  Why create products to sell, sell, sell?  This is still more about the consumer, the store, the product, just like her Japan bracelets.  Gaga is a product masquerading as an artist so it's only predictable that she would team up with a retail chain at some point.  I'm sure the products will be Made in China as well.

Sadly, the products will sell and make a ton of money because Stefani's gullible fans will want a piece of her.  She knows it, Barney's knows it, on some level, YOU know it too.  However, you will ignore it because it's Lady Gaga and she cares about you so much.
She makes money, Barney's makes even more money and you're stuck with a cheap, over priced trinket that you'll forget about in a few months.  Who wins?
I stand by what I said before.

August 14, 2011

August 12, 2011

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

Kristeen Young - American alternative singer, songwriter and keyboardist.  Someone not as famous as Caca and not likely to notice the "homage".  Kristeen Young was the opening act at the sold out 2011 Morrissey concert at the Brixton O2 Academy.

August 11, 2011

Lady Gaga Sucks

LADY GAGA - Born This Way Parody - The Key of Awesome No. 36

                                                                                                                                                                    The Key of Awesome does some well, awesome, parody's.  Here's a parody of the worst song ever since We Are The World.  Enjoy!  They've got tons of videos on their youtube page.

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

More theft of Roisin Murphy courtesy of CrapGa

August 10, 2011

Madonna for Dummies

Judging by some of the comments on this blog from little monsters, I think it's time to provide a history lesson on Madonna just for you. Maybe that will help you to understand her impact in music and that she is not a washed up old hag like you Gaga's fuckers seem to think she is. In fact, your mommy monster would not exist this day if it were not for Madonna. Stefani has said several times that she is a big fan of Madonna and since she derives more than half of her shtick from Madonna, you should be kissing Madonna's ass and bowing at her feet. Without her, you wouldn't have your Gaga.

Madonna grew up in Bay City, Michigan where she studied dance. Her dream was to pursue a career in modern dance. Yes, Monsters, Madonna is a trained dancer to those who say she can't dance. That dream lead her to New York City. It was there that she fell into the music scene. Madonna played drums in a band called Breakfast Club and Emmy. While playing with the band that she formed, Emmy, as the lead vocalist, she captured the attention of DJ and record producer Mark Kamins who arranged a meeting between Madonna and Sire Records founder Seymour Stein.

After signing with Sire Records, Madonna released her first single Everybody on October 6, 1982, and became a dance hit. Madonna then began to work on her first album titled Madonna . From that album, her mega hit Holiday was released. Followed by hits Lucky Star and Borderline.

From there, as we say, the rest is history.

According to Rolling Stone, Madonna "remains one of the greatest pop acts of all time". She has achieved multiple Guinness World Records, including world's top-selling female recording artist and the most successful female recording artist of all time. On March 10, 2008, Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in her first year of eligibility.  Billboard magazine ranked her as the most successful solo artist (second overall, behind only The Beatles) on the "Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists". She has also scored many hits on major international charts, including 13 number one singles in the United Kingdom, 11 in Australia, and 23 in Canada—more than any other female artist. Madonna is featured in the book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century, published by Ladies' Home Journal in 1998. In July 2003, she ranked seventh on VH1 and People magazine's list of the "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons of All Time." She also placed as the number one artist on VH1's "50 Greatest Women of the Video Era". In 2006, a new water bear species, Echiniscus madonnae, was named after her.  The Recording Industry Association of America has named Madonna the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century. She's also the second top-selling female artist in the United States with 63 million certified albums.

More facts:
Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour during 2008 and 2009 is the fourth highest grossing tour of all time with U2, AC/DC and The Rolling Stones ahead of her.  This would also make Sticky and Sweet the highest grossing tour by a solo artist.  The first three are bands where Madonna is solo.  Connect the dots stupid fuck tards.  May I point out that her Sticky and Sweet Tour is her most recent and from a time where her Gaga's little fuck tards think that Madonna is a washed up old hag. Suck on that monsters. 

In fact, a total of three Madonna tours make this list.  In addition to Sticky and Sweet, Confessions Tour and Reinvention World Tour made the list.   Madonna was the first artist to have her concert tours as reenactment of her music videos.  

Her tenth studio album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, was released in November 2005 and debuted at number one in all major music markets. Musically the album was structured like a club set composed by a DJ. The songs on the album started out light and happy, and as it progressed, it became intense, with the lyrics dealing more about personal feelings, hence "Confessions."  Keith Caulfield from Billboard commented that the album was a "welcome return to form for the Queen of Pop." The album won a Grammy Award for "Best Electronic/Dance Album". The first single from the album, "Hung Up", went on to reach number one in a record-breaking 45 countries, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. "Sorry", the second single, became Madonna's twelfth number one single in the UK.   Again, during a time of her supposed washed up hag period.  In my opinion Confessions on a Dance Floor is her best work.
Madonna was included in the elite list of the "25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century" by Time in 2010 for being an influential figure in contemporary music.

While acting is not her forte, Madonna beat out acting greats Glenn Close, Frances McDormand, Debbie Reynolds and Barbra Streisand to grab a Best Actress Golden Globe Award in 1997 for her role in Evita.

Madonna is now making her directorial debut with her film W.E.

Madonna also once said "I know I`m not the greatest singer or dancer, but that doesn`t interest me, I`m interested in being provocative and pushing people`s buttons". Unlike Gaga who said  “I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do.”

Madonna is Madonna.  Just like there is only one Elvis, one Marilyn Monroe, one Michael Jackson, one James Dean and one Jim Morrison, there is only one Madonna.  There have been and will continue to be other pop stars but no one will ever be able to replace the incredible force that is Madonna.  Madonna is ageless and like The Beatles, Madonna is untouchable.  The rest are just cheap imitations.

August 9, 2011

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

Wow!  The firecracker tits weren't even original.  Looks like another rip off notch to add on Stefani's rip off belt.

Thoughts on Gaga Post?

The other day, Stefani's facebook status and tweet read "You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don't love yourself", which included two photos of her dressed as a man.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Is she trying to send a message?

August 8, 2011

Loli Lux LIVE "Be Free"

More Loli Lux.  Loli's working on new material and soon she'll release her next single "Space Disco".  Check out more of Loli here!

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

Gaga Reads Another Page Out of Madonna Playbook

Which page is it now?  I think No.23.  Stefanie really wants to be Madonna that it's bordering on scary.  Remember the movie "Single White Female"?  Yup, Madonna better be careful.  What more dangerous than a stalker?  A famous stalker.

Madonna and fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, have a history.  When you think of Madonna's famous cone bra, one can't help but think of Gaultier.  Why?  He designed it along with all the costumes for Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour.  The two will forever be linked.  Gaultier recently said "Madonna still fascinates me.  She has been of great help for this exhibition and the accompanying book, loaning pieces from her Blond Ambition Tour and Confessions Tour.”

Guess what CrapGa has pulled now?  CrapGa is getting her own TV show this fall on the CW about fashion and she is sitting down with none other than Jean Paul Gaultier in a segment called Gaga By Gaultier.  She just created another Madonna association.

Gaga By Gaultier will air on September 12, and immediately following, there will be a 45-minute show promoting the rest of the fall season. Who would watch this shit?  Seriously?  Stefani can dress as stupid as she does because she's famous and can get away with it.  For the rest of us, try walking into a pub for a beer dressed with Kermit the Frogs dolls pinned all over you or a slab of meat on your head or a giant, glittery, 50 foot long lightning bolt as a hat.  What do you think is gonna happen?  You're gonna get your ass kicked is what.

I'm calling it right now that Stefani has Gaultier design the costumes for her next tour. Who's with me?

Madonna the Queen and Gaultier

Lady Gaga "The Truly Copier" Movie


Gaga Has One of the Greatest Voices in the Industry. Her Words. Is That So?


Ok, this is a funny video.  I've seen other clips of Stefani singing and she really isn't that bad.  However, Stefani should keep her over inflated sense of "self esteem" in check.  It's actually quite arrogant to claim to have one of the greatest voices in the industry when it's clear she doesn't.  Now monsters, I didn't say she can't sing.  I think she can but she's still a fake and a rip off artist and that, my friend, shadows any talent that she may actually have.

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

August 6, 2011

Gaga's "You and I" Single Cover

Annie Lennox at the '83 Grammy Awards and Stefani's "You & I" single cover
Stefani's released her single cover for her song "You & I", dressed as her alter male ego, Jo Calderone.  The MVA's are coming up and people are wondering what Stefani will wear this year to top the meat dress from last year.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say she's going dressed as a man.  People will notice and monsters will ooo and ahhh and bask in how inspiring and how original she is.  They will believe that Stefani is simply amazing and a force to be reckoned with.  That no other has done what she has done!  WRONG!

However, I can't totally fault Stefani's monsters since most of them are still in high school.  Maybe some of them know that legend Annie Lennox created quite a storm at the 1983 Grammy Awards dressed as a man as well.  So now educate yourself.  Annie Lennox was the front woman of British duo band The Eurythmics.  The Eurythmics broke out on the scene in 1983 with their hit single Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Annie Lennox is known for her androgynous style and cutting edge at the time.   Lennox is one of the world's best selling music artists having sold over 80 million records worldwide.  Lennox is also considered a long time gay icon. 

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

August 5, 2011

Madonna Not Catching Gaganitis

Stereo divas? We hear that Madonna and Lady Gaga have discussed performing together in a dual concert extravaganza similar to the Face 2 Face shows that piano men Billy Joel and Elton John did a few years back. Gaga’s reps didn’t respond to our requests for comment, but Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg replied that the Material Girl’s manager “laughed” when she ran our item by him. She then instructed us to “go to the title of Stevie Nicks’ new album for the answer.” That would be “In Your Dreams.” D’oh!

Perez Hilton Biased Fuck

Perez Hilton, celebrity gossip blogger, is a total biased fucking cunt.  Today, on his blog, he posted in capital letters about Nicki Minaj having a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction on Good Morning America - basically a nip slip.

Why do I call him a biased cunt?  He has no problem posting nip slips of other celebrities but when it comes to CrapGa, he is silent.  Oh no, you will never read about little nipple accidents that Stefani has on Perez Hilton's site. That's because Pigrez has been sucking Gaga's dick for the past two years.  Pigrez also has Nicki's accident as a "Breaking News" feed, scrolling across the top of his site like a zeppelin.

So, here you go folks, more pics of Stefani's nip slips, just for you.

August 4, 2011

Lady Gaga: Manufactured This Way

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

Lady Xerox Copycat Picture of the Day

Britney 2003 / Stefani 2009

August 1, 2011

More Lip Synching on Ellen

Proof that Lady Gaga is a Liar and She Does Lip Sync Sometimes

The Egg Continues to Crack

Help me! Help me!
Article by Peter Buchanan -

Chicago radio station B96 wasn’t too happy about Lady Gaga this morning; it appears that several fake Facebook and Twitter accounts which add to Gaga’s list of “record breaking” followers were discovered. Just as the deejay mentioned, “This could be the final crack in Lady Gaga’s already cracking egg.”

Lady Gaga, who tried to eclipse Madonna’s legacy, has had a rough road this year. Her Born This Way album was deeply discounted to 99 cents in order to avoid becoming a complete flop. Once the sale went down, so did the album. Then, money that was supposed to go to Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims in the name of “charity” was alleged to be pocketed by Lady Gaga herself. Now, the case is going to court.
Lady Gaga has just released a single called “You and I” that climbed to number 187 on the iTunes chart after several television promotions and has now disappeared. Will Lady Gaga sell "You and I" for ten cents and give all buyers free McDonalds happy meals with the purchase? 

Program Director Ron Vargas says that even Perez Hilton can’t get Lady Gaga out of her latest scandal. “Many people are finally seeing Lady Gaga for what she is: a talentless, cheap imitation of Madonna. The backlash is going to get much worse and in some ways, I feel sorry for her.” 

A message to "Little Monsters" who are sending me racist emails calling me a f*** Jew and a f**** fag: I am neither Jewish nor Gay.