May 31, 2011

Howard Stern rips on Lady Gaga's HBO concert

Howard Stern rips on Lady Gaga's HBO concert AGAIN (part 1)

Howard Stern rips on Lady Gaga's HBO concert AGAIN (part 2)

The Cheater's Desperate for Attention Look of the Day

I don't think looking fat is what you should be worrying about CaCa.

Gaga Sells out in the UK!!

Lady Gaga managed to pull in 215K units in the UK, just barely beating Adele's spot at the #1 position.  Of course, a lot of that had to do with the Amazon sell out deal of $0.99 for each digital copy of Born This Way.  We should keep in mind though that Adele was able to reach the top without cheating and without corporate deals.

Adele can further boast that she also managed to stay true to being an artist while shooting up to the top of the charts.  Unlike Miss Germanotta, who manipulated her way there.  Adele didn't offer 99 cent deals, selling out her music like it's is the equivalent of the 99 Cent store quality.  Adele isn't an insecure little girl starving for attention by wearing gaudy clothing that screams "Look at me! Look at me!!".  Adele doesn't have to go to ridiculous extremes by hatching herself out of eggs and giving birth to gold, glittery slime on national television. Adele is as real as they come and she made without all the hype, gimmicks and pathetic showmanship.  Adele is worthy of respect.

Robert Paul Reyes, renowned Pop Culture critic and a man who knows his stuff,  angrily states, “It`s an outrage that the clownish Gaga replaced the talented Adele at the top of the album charts by resorting to trickery. This is a scandal worse than payola, and the public should respond by boycotting Lady Gaga.” I second that.  It's known that her Little Monsters further manipulated the sales by buying up mutilple copies of the .99 Born This Way to the tune of 10-20 copies each.  What has Gaga got to boast about?

Now, when Gaga wakes up in the morning and looks at herself in the mirror, in addition to telling herself she's a superstar, she now has to convince herself that she's a true artist.  "You're an artist Gaga, you really are.". Yup, keeping telling yourself that honey, we all believe you.

It's hard to believe that certain other bloggers continue to think Gaga walks on water and are completely blind to the gimmick she has become.  I am convinced that Perez Hilton is being paid a nice sum of money to blow smoke up Gaga's ass. Anything to keep Mother Monster Happy.  And yes, her underhanded, sneaky, manipulative ways make her a monster.  One day I hope other legit artists start to recognize Gaga for what she really is, if they haven't already, and laugh her right out of the music industry.

Correction:  While the .99 cent deal was only available in the U.S.A., . Amazon sold more than 440,000 .99 cent copies thus giving an inaccurate total because we will never know how much Gaga would've sold without the gimmicks.

May 29, 2011

Gaga Sells Her Artistic Soul for the Corporate Sale.

Born this Way is out, finally.  After months of hype and after Gaga released four tracks off her highly anticipated album of the decade, Little Monsters all over the world were able to buy their idol's sophomore release.  Gaga can boast that the predictions being made could garner her sales of 900-950,000.  But how honest was Gaga?  How can she possibly be proud of herself after manipulating the sales to guarantee her to be #1.  Was she ethical? Is it moral?  Is it completely underhanded and sneaky? Or is it completely OK from a business POV to do what she did?

Amazon, twice since the release of the mediocre BTW, advertised the album for $0.99.  That's less than a dollar!  For that amount, who wouldn't buy it?  Even people who like some of her songs and aren't die hard Little Monsters are even likely to buy the whole album at that price.  Little Monsters are buying multiple copies thus helping her to steer the outcome in her favor. Why does this count as sales? It shouldn't.  

Then comes Gaga's corporate sell out deals with Starbucks and Best Buy.  Any artist, real artists, would reject the approach Gaga took.  I mean, isn't the whole point of being an artist is to stay true to artistry? No real artist is concerned with money.  I heard Gaga herself say during her Monster Ball HBO special how she hates money.  How dare she say that.  That statement alone is a bunch of Gaga since she is so obviously concerned with money and being #1.  These things don't matter to someone who truly cares about the music and doing it out of love and love alone.  Ask Adele.  She'll confirm it.

Little Monsters will argue that it was Amazon's idea to sell Born This Way at $0.99 and not Gaga's.  However it's naive to believe that a huge corporation like Amazon would buy the digital album at regular price then resell it for considerably less.  Big business is not at this game for a financial loss.  They are in it to make money and profit.  It's ridiculous to claim that this idea was Amazon's alone.  It's more accurate to come to the assumption that Gaga sold Born This Way to Amazon for say, .$0.25 and they sold it at $0.99.  Wholesale and retail people. That's how it works.

Gaga released five tracks off Born This Way before the album was officially released on May 23rd, 2011.  There was a lot of chatter as to why.  Was Gaga feeling a little insecure about the less than favorable reception of her singles?  Gaga, insecure? No that's not possible!  Aside from Little Monsters, who would buy a recording of her flatulence on iTunes if she released it and call it art; people with a more neutral opinion of Gaga weren't that impressed.

Isn't this a blatant slap in the face to other artists who didn't pimp out their work for 99 cents and made to #1 through normal sales and not corporate sell outs?  Because of Gaga's mass manipulation, she will most likely break records and undermine the #1 status that these other artists once held.  Would Gaga have reached #1 with Born This Way without the sales gimmicks and Starbucks and Best Buy sell out?  We'll never know.   One thing I need to point out is that Madonna reached the top, where she forever will be, on her own.  She didn't have the Internet or social media or amazon or the digital age when she first started out.  She made it to #1 because people bought her music and went to her shows without any gimmicks.  Yes, Madonna was and is an incredibly smart business woman who managed her career perfectly.  A lot of people hate her too.  She is a pop artist.  The least respected form of music because of the belief that the less talented resort to pop music.  I get it.     But she knew how to market herself. She did not have to resort to selling herself short to make sure she earned money.  Gaga + Amazon + Best Buy + Starbucks did exactly that.  Gaga did not believe in her own product.  If she did, it would speak for itself without the sales perks.  She should have stayed true to being an artist and release Born This Way as is, meaning no sales perks and cheap deals and show the world she is real and talented.  Instead, she is undermining herself and sending a message that she is not confident that her talent can shine on it's own.

May 28, 2011


                 Viable comparisons or wishful thinking?  Evidence or bitter Madonna fans? You decide.