September 19, 2011

More On Gaga Hypocrisy About Money

Lady Hypocrite, who claims to not care about money, further goes on to prove that the words out of her mouth should be taken with a grain of salt and hold about as much weight as her 0.99 cent cheating deal.  Stefani has lent her name to another corporation and dedicated herself to brand marketing.......yes, all the signs of someone who is allergic to money.  She designed and launched her own printer for Polaroid.  I'm sure Polaroid is using the term "designed" loosely and no doubt lending her name to the product is about as far as "designing" it goes.  She can barely design her own career without stealing from the portfolio of others.

Is this a trait of someone who has claimed on several occasions to not care about money?  Is this what a real artist would do?  Team up with yet another huge corporation to generate revenue?  Why do so many people fail to see the hypocrisy that radiates from this pop culture parasite?  Is it really that difficult to see past the mask and through to the lies? 

What's next?  Born This Way to be included in McDonald Happy Meals?  Or the Gaga Monster claw, made in China,  packed up and set to sell just in time for Halloween?

There are so many contradictions and lies to come out of Stefani that you have to be really stupid not to notice.  It's beyond sad that so many people prefer to be on all fours, lapping up her bullshit out of dog bowls on the floor in mega doses than to open their minds, just a little, and do a little investigative research on this clown.  

A good example?  John Lennon, a true artist, would never have resorted to these tactics.  What came out of his mouth was sincere, genuine and authentic and is actions backed up everything he said.  If you want to know the behavior of a true artist, he's a good place to start.   Stefani has no depth or emotion and nothing that comes out of her mouth is real.  Its all smoke and mirrors to get you to buy, buy, buy.  Lady Gaga represents everything an artist is not.