September 20, 2011

Gaga vs Adele

While Flop Born This Way's sales are impressive, what makes this album a flop is that Stefani's been bragging that this is the album of the decade.  That, in and of itself, is a pretty overly self-inflated and narcissistic thing to say before the album is even released.  Born This Way is proving not to be all that Stefani proclaimed it to be, given that only one song reached No.1 - the Madonna rip off one - and the rest failed to make it to No.1.  Not exactly what one would expect from the album of the decade.  Let's not forget the 0.99 cent deal which enabled the masses of monsters to buy multiple copies thus inflating the first week sales grossly.  Plus the Best Buy and Starbucks deals - buy a phone, get a free copy!  Stefani also had to release three singles, Born This Way, Flopas Judas and Edge of Glory before the album itself was finally released on May 23rd, 2011 after a much hyped, long drawn out waiting game; as if to tease and to guarantee sales that would line her money hating pockets.

According to the Global Track Chart Adele has reclaimed herself to the No.1 spot overtaking Lil' Wayne and The Red Hot Chili Peppers for it's 22nd week despite the 9% sales decline.  Stefani's BTW dropped a staggering 84% in sales during it's second week.  Her first week of sales in the US was an estimated 1.11 million copies which an estimated 440,000 were due to the 0.99 cent cheat deal. Adele just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Adele earned herself a Guinness World Record for being the first female artist to have two singles and two albums in the UK Top 5 simultaneously.
As well Adele's No.1 album also holds the record for spending the most consecutive weeks at the top of the chart since its release at the beginning of the year.
Not to mention the fact that it has also spent the most cumulative weeks at No.1 due to the fact it has enjoyed a total of 22 weeks at the top of the chart.

Stefani holds a Guinness World Record as well, for, um, well, um, having the most Twitter followers - with tons of them being fake accounts.

Article posted with permission from The Diva Juice.
Thank you!  Some minor editing and updating has been done.

These two albums are undeniably the best selling albums of this year, but which albums sold more? Which albums contain hit singles? How many singles have they sold with their albums?

Lady Gaga without a doubt is the most popular pop singer today. Besides wearing weird, bitchy or slutty outfits or making controversial music videos, she's good at music too.  Her music is equal with her videos in term of controversial content.  As for Adele, she's like the new Amy Winehouse but minus the drug issue and personally, I think Adele is better than Amy in terms of music. In an era where everybody wants to dance to electro pop, Adele emerges with her conservative look and soulful music that set her apart from her contemporaries. Still, she manages to prove to critics and labels in an era where everybody is using auto tune, that natural talent still manages to sell.  Now lets take a look at some sales figures.

Gaga: 1.11 million copies sold (Billboard Hot 100)
Adele: 208,000 (UK), 352,000 (USA)

Gaga: 5 million copies (as of June 2011 - numbers for September have not been published)
Adele: 10 million copies (as of September 2011)


Born This Way- 3 million copies/download
Judas- 0.73 million copies/download
The Edge Of Glory- 1 million copies/download
You And I- 0.5 Million copies/download (as of September 2011)

GRAND TOTAL (US) - 5.33 million copies/download sold.

Rolling In The Deep- over 5 million (as of September 2011)
Someone Like You- over 1 million(as of September 2011)
GRAND TOTAL (US)- over 6 million copies

Overall, it's clear that Adele is the winner.  Gaga might have the biggest opening sales and as of now already released four singles but Adele, with only two singles released, shes already kicked Gaga's ass off the chart.   She rules the chart in major markets as well. For example, in the US, her album almost sold twice higher than Gaga's Born This Way despite Gaga had the biggest opening sales (above 1 million copies). 

In UK, Gaga only went Platinum (for shipment above 300,000 units) but Adele went DIAMOND (10xPlatinum). 

In term of worldwide sales, Adele outsold Gaga by a huge margin. In terms of singles sales, despite having three top ten singles which only one managed to get to No.1, Gaga's total single sales are still below Adele total single sales.   With only two singles released, Adele sold more than 5 million copies which 99% of it came from Rolling In The Deep.  Thus, we can clearly said that Adele is INDEED the BEST SELLING ARTIST OF 2011......sorry Gaga you're OUTTTTTTTTT!!!!!