September 26, 2011

Gaga Attends Obama Fundraiser, Perez Hilton Calls It A Meeting

On Sunday night, Stefani attended President Obama's exclusive $35,800 a head outdoor fundraiser at the home of Facebook's chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg, north of the Palo Alto.  Clearly Stefani attended with the hopes to bring her anti-bullying campaign to the President's attention.  

During the Q&A session following the President's eight minute speech, to which he did not acknowledge her directly, Stefani stood up and thanked the President and went on to read a letter written by a fan about Jamey Rodemeyer who recently committed suicide.  Following the recitation of the letter, Stefani made a plea to Obama and the guests in attendance to fight against bullying and to propose a law to enforce it (somehow).  

When she was finished, Obama kindly thanked her and spoke of his administration's anti-bullying campaign, according to the report.

Gaga ass kisser and no doubt employee, Perez Hilton claims that Stefani had a meeting with the President inside the house, prior to the "under the tent" gala.  Obviously, what that means is she cornered him.  What irks me about Perez Hilton and his ridiculous blogging is that he stretches the truth when it comes to his wifey.  Perez is saying on his website that Gaga stayed true to her word and walked the talk and met with the President just like she said she would.  Let's get one factual thing straight, Gaga did not meet with the President, she spent $35,800 on a ticket to attend an event hosted by Obama, (someone who is against gay marriage as it's worth noting) and addressed him during the Q&A session.  That is not a "meeting".  Let's brag and use the word "meeting" if she actually calls him up (if he takes her call) and he sets aside time specifically for her and invites her to Washington where they sit in the Oval Office to discuss bullying.  THEN you can call it a meeting.

Staying to true to Gaga attention hogging form, it's been reported that Stefani wore sky scraper size high heels and towered at least two feet above the President.  It's also worth noting that Stefani is only 5'1" and President Obama is 6'1".  We can all imagine just how ridiculous she looked as she attempted to walk.  I'm sure there were plenty an eye roll under that tent. It's extremely disrespectful to display such clownery at an event hosted by the President when the issues at hand should have been the focus and not Stefani's asinine wardrobe or her presence.