September 10, 2011

The Emmy Awards 2011

Tonight are the 2011 Emmy Awards where we find Laurieann Gibson, Stefani's art director nominated in the Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Special category for the HBO Monster Ball.  The HBO Special is also nominated in the Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special category.

Laurieann Gibson has a lengthy career as a choreographer, working on music videos for pop singers such as Katy Perry, JoJo, Brandy, Danity Kane (who?) and of course Lady Gaga. Laurieann also was the choreographer on the film Honey starring Jessica Alba.
What's amazing here is that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences accepted the bid for the HBO Monster Ball special despite the fact that every aspect of it, every idea was methodically lifted from Truth or Dare.  What's even more amazing is Gibson was born in 1969 making her 42 years old. You do know what that means right? It means that Gibson was a young teen when Madonna first hit the scene and more then likely a fan just like most thirteen year old girls were. It also means that she was in her 20's during the 1990's when Madonna had her hits Vogue and her own special Truth or Dare.

Can you connect the dots? Gibson would know a lot about Madonna just by being alive and old enough during that time just like a 20-something during the 60's would know exactly the magnitude of the impact The Beatles had. No doubt Gibson knows how Truth or Dare was presented to the world. Fast forward to now....she is Stefani's creative director. Could she be the one even more responsible than Stefani for the extensive check list of Madonna rip offs? Maybe Stefani should fire her ass because Gibson is doing a damn good job of generating a buzz, no never mind buzz, a SIREN of "Madonna copycat" accusations aimed toward Gadonna.  Or since Stefani has been involved in music all her life and is a huge fan of Madonna (her words, not mine), she would also know the in's and out's of Madonna's career, right? Is she just as responsible?  The parallels between both careers are astonishing.

What do you think?